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Girl from USA have to eat every 15 minutes! If not she would die MUST SEE

I want to tell the world my story. I want to find love, get married and start a family of my own, but in the meantime I try to live each day in full” – these lines look like wishful thinking of an ordinary girl. Young, 21-year-old student, her whole life. But Lizzie Velasquez Austin, Texas, not just an ordinary girl. Weight of 25 pounds and almost zero body fat, every day she lives is a gift for her.

“I had two tests today,” she updates the 1,700 members on Facebook. “I’ve got more work now complete and I read an article a course in philosophy.” When she was born, she weighed barely three pounds and is one of the world’s people with a rare syndrome that prevents her body fat.Present situation, Lizzie must eat every 15 minutes just to survive. Doctors did not think she could ever walk, think, do anything to survive. Every day she eats more than 60 small meals a day – more than 5,000 calories – but the body remains lean. People vote for her, thought she was anorexic, but, it does not care. In September will come out of her book. The book tells the story.

“I am a perfectly ordinary girl”

“I want to look at me”, she writes again. “I continue to live a normal life despite the brutality of a world. I want to look at me when I tell my story all over the world, writing my first book. I want to preempt me – a man with more courage, inner strength, than you ever will be.”

The medical condition of her immune system barely functions. Slight cooling could kill her, but she prefers to concentrate on other things. “Other states of health, I totally normal girl”, she insists. “I would encourage the Association of high school students. I taught at a school, little guidance, I excel in school, and I have lots of friends!”.

Medical world did not cure her illness. Pharmaceutical companies not keen to find drugs that are relevant to so some people, but she – she does not stop believing. “To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream,” she says. “Not only plan but also believe. If I can live my life despite all that happened to me, you probably can!”.


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