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Top 10 Reasons to Get Drunk

10. Alcohol Taste Good!

Usually, people grimace at their first taste of an alcoholic drink. Indeed, drinking these buggers takes some time to get used to. Yet, once you get the hang of taking a swig or a shot, these drinks can be instrumental to a very pleasant experience. Alcoholic drinks can really taste good; some, like wine and champagne, are even included in gourmet menus. Getting drunk on these tasty drinks is like feeling full and satisfied after a particularly delicious meal.

9. The Weekend Has Finally Come

Free from work and obligation, you should let your hair down when the weekend comes. A short day trip to the beach or a simple walk through the park would be enough to ease your mind. However, when the past week was a lot more stressful than usual, you might need to party the entire weekend. Invite some friends over and tell them to bring loads of booze. You might need some serious unwinding, and what better way is there than to enjoy large amounts of beer? After all, alcoholic drinks are relaxants, due to the ethanol found in them.

8. You Lack Sleep

If you’re finding it particularly hard to fall asleep at night, a few bottles might just be the solution to your sleepless woes. The relaxants in alcohol can be consumed up to the point that it makes you fall right asleep. Be careful, though. You’ve probably heard enough about hangovers and how some of them can be extremely excruciating. Be sure to have some water alongside your poison of choice. That way, you keep from getting dehydrated, eventually mitigating the dreaded hangover.

7. Inhibitions Go out the Window

Getting drunk is about losing control, an idea that some people despise. Still, there are numerous occasions where a loss of control is exactly what the doctor would prescribe. Life is so much larger than people anyway, so why keep on controlling it? Sometimes, people need to free themselves of all their inhibitions and just do whatever they want to do. Living life along such rigid standards can be quite unhealthy. Therefore, having a few beers on the night before you have to deliver a very important presentation can sometimes be what you need to psyche yourself up.

6. Conversations Flow Easier

Where the drinks are free-flowing, often the conversations are, too. A few bottles to get you relaxed and calm could get your thoughts running and your ideas soaring. People could find the inebriated you a lot more interesting than your sober self. Don’t overdo the booze, though, as you might start to slur and babble. You might even laugh at the most inappropriate times, and blurt out the most obscene things.

5. It’s a Time for Camaraderie

Consuming large amounts of alcohol is often the best time to catch up with long-lost friends. A beer shared is often a more steadfast symbol of your undying friendship than a simple greeting card. With a few rounds, you get caught up on who’s dating who, who’s working for whom, who’s married to whom, and who’s still single.

4. Just Because…

Some things in life are best experienced without any pretense of a goal or objective. The best impetus to go out drinking is probably to have no real reason for doing so. The experience itself is the end goal. After all, there is much to feel, as well as learn, from being in a state of heightened inebriation. If you and your friends find that you all share the urge to get pissed drunk, don’t hesitate to do so. Believe that such spontaneous gatherings happen rarely, and should therefore be savored once they do come along.

3. Mournful About Something?

Sometimes, booze can be the ultimate distraction from a particularly painful experience. A person very close to you may have passed away. Maybe your long-time partner suddenly decided it was time to move on. Whatever the reason, getting drunk can sometimes be the only way to find some repose. Remember, though, a night of unbridled fun and booze is just one night. Come the next day, whatever it is that you were trying to avoid will still be there. Still, if you decide that a night of drunkenness is what you need, go ahead.

2. There’s Always Something To Celebrate!

Drinking doesn’t always have to start with some tragedy. At times, a pretty happy occasion deserves a few rounds of alcoholic beverages. It helps that a celebratory booze session can be for anything, really. Maybe you passed your board exams or your best friend may have finally moved out of his parents’ basement. You could also declare your drinking session an ode to the joys of life. Whatever the reason, it’s best to remember that the whole point of getting drunk is to have fun. If it starts to get a bit out of hand (like when someone starts doing things they shouldn’t be doing), the celebration should stop.

1. If It’s Free… Well…

Sometimes, the real impetus for getting drunk is convenience. Imagine, for instance, you’re in a wedding and all alcoholic beverages are free. Not wanting to let up a chance of enjoying the most expensive drinks without spending a single dime, you could do yourself some good by having a large share. The opportunity for drunken fun has already presented itself. The fact that the booze is free makes the proposition a lot more appealing than usual, so go ahead and make most of the situation.


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