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Baby Elephant Survives Crocodile Attack

The moment was a childhood fable come to life when a crocodile latched onto a baby elephant’s trunk by an African watering hole. The scene was reminiscent of the famous Rudyard Kipling tale The Elephant’s Child, which tells the story of how the elephant got a long trunk when it was pulled on by a croc. This baby elephant was given quite a shock when the camouflaged crocodile gave a tug on its trunk while it went for a drink with its family.
The extraordinary scene was captured by amateur photographer Johan Opperman while taking pictures of a family of African Bush elephants grazing by a water hole and cooling down. Under the watchful eye of its family, the young elephant headed to the edge of the waterhole to grab itself a drink. However, in what has been described by experts as very rare behaviour, a crocodile pounced on the youngster, hoping for a overcome by locking its jaws around its trunk. Hearing the baby’s distress calls, the herd of elephants, which are known for being very protective of their young, immediately came to its rescue, scaring off the croc by trumpeting and stamping around.

After the attack the herd stayed with the youngster. When the baby had been tended to and the herd decided all was well, they crossed the dam together, just metres from where the crocodile had been hiding. Johan, from Pretoria, in South Africa, captured the incredible moment while on a day trip in the country’s Kruger National Park. The 38-year old said: ‘The elephants were just grazing in the area, drinking water and cooling down – typical elephant behaviour.


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