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Man spends 32,000 hours creating a model of an oil rig using four million matchsticks

David Reynolds 51, has spent 32,000 hours creating what is now officially the world’s biggest matchstick model. Apart from costing him £5,000 in wood and glue, it has left things a bit strained in the Reynolds household. The model weighs a tonne, is 3.6m tall and 6.4m long and at one stage had to be split into 14 sections. Each matchstick was individually polished and then glued in place to create the 21ft long, 12ft high masterpiece.

A man who spent 15 years building a gigantic oil rig out of a whopping 4 million matches and hopes to get his creation into the record books. The current record for the most matches used to make a model stands at three-and-a-half million matches. The model took up two bedrooms, the loft, two sheds and half his garage so he’s now relocated it to a local museum.

There’s the main body of the rig itself, supported by three enormous circular buttresses, littered with cranes, lifeboats and a helipad marked with an ‘H’. Then there’s what’s called the platform – almost as big as the rig itself and designed to bob about to one side on an enormous floating pontoon.

‘It just started as a bit of a hobby but I guess it got out of hand,’ said retired oil rig engineer Mr Reynolds. ‘It’s good fun and keeps the grey matter working.



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