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World’s Tallest Optimus Prime Statue Unveiled in China

An 11-meters-high, 21-ton heavy statue of Autobots leader Optimus Prime has recently been unveiled in one of the squares of Shenyang City, China. According to Chinese sources, this is the biggest Transformers replica ever created, beating the previous record (also set by China) by only one meter. Just like all the other Optimus Prime statues I’ve featured on Oddity Central in the past, this latest one was assembled from various old car parts, taken from 20 automobiles.
The world’s tallest Optimus Prime model was completed yesterday and can now be admired outside the “Guangzhou Street” metro station, in Shenyang. I didn’t know Asia was so big on the Transformers franchise, seeing it has its own giant robot creations, like Gundam or Tetsujin, but the most impressive Transformers statues so far were created in mainland China and Taiwan.

Designer Creates Functional Sofa Out of 8,000 Chopsticks

Sofa_XXXX is the creation of German designer Yuya Ushida, is a unique expandable sofa made from 8,000 wooden chopsticks.
Showcased during the Designers Fair at the IMM Cologne 2011 exhibition, Sofa_XXXX attracted a lot of attention because of the unusual medium Ushida used, and its ingenious folding mechanism. The expandable and retractable sofa was created from 8,000 wooden chopsticks, individually cut to four different lengths and sanded to just the right angle, connected with metal rings and plastic joints. German-based designer Yuya Ushida spent three months working on the Sofa_XXXX project, but the stunning end result was definitely worth the effort.
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this one-of-a-kind chopstick sofa is that it can actually support up to three 70-kg-heavy people at any one time.

Giant Porcelain Rabbit Is Made from 30,000 Plates

The people of Jingdezhen City, China have found an original way to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rabbit – they’ve built a giant statue of a rabbit from 30,000 porcelain plates.
Ever since the Song dynasty, 1,700 years ago, Jingdezhen has been known as the “porcelain city” because of its porcelain-making history, so it made perfect sense the locals used centuries-old skills for the celebration. Just like that porcelain dragon from Yangzhou that I posted about last week, this giant rabbit sculpture features a metal frame covered with thousands of porcelain plates.

Cake babies

These babies are made of cake frosting, but who could take a bite? This woman is definitely talented ...

Amazing advertisements

Amazing paper bags

largest underwater museum

The future of the world's largest underwater museum piece

One of my favorite singers, Jason Taylor is deCaires. Are interested me a long piece of his hands. You can wear these pieces will override the 400 Caribbean, Mexico, ocean, and they celebrate the region's Mayan history, the world's largest museum of sculpture in the shape of the water begins. Fragments, the synthesis between art and science, a positive portrayal of hope and prosperity to your human interaction deliver the message. Enable young women and environment, new intimacy, role models for future generations is the symbol. Vibrancy and lifestyle of the interaction between the underwater world in the life of the system shows the potential for symbiotic relationships. The nature of the reef, we lost more than 40% of the last decades. By 2050, scientists predict 80% of the deaths could be permanent. Gardner hopes this important, often, attention to ecological issues has been designed to be forgotten. I can not wait to see them in it.

Most Strangest Chairs In World

World's Strangest Chairs

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Athletes of the World

10. Miesha Tate, MMA
We all know that female athletes always appear to be hotter just because they are able to do the things that many of us are not able to do. Here is count down list of world’s top ten most beautiful women athletes. 09 More after the break...

Rome Hotel Built of Beach Garbage

Rome is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with unforgettable architecture and an atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else. Lately, though, it’s become a real dump. German artist Ha Schult constructed a temporary hotel in the city to highlight the sad state of Europe’s beaches. The hotel, part of Corona’s Save the Beach campaign, is constructed of garbage collected from the shoreline. More after the break...

Russian Couple Tie the Knot at -30 Degrees Celsius

The unusual event took place last Saturday, when Sergei Kaunov and his fiancee Irina Kuzmenko got married in the ice-cold waters of the Enisei River, in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, at a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius.
Sergei, also known as “The Walrus”, is a member of the local ice-swimming club, always dreamed of getting married in such extreme conditions, but his fiancee was never a big fan of winter and low temperatures. Still, her love for The Walrus was so great that she agreed to go through this heart-stopping challenge. So after taking a nice bath to warm up, Irina followed her beloved into the frozen waters, where their friends were already waiting. They formed a half circle around the happy couple, and since no priest was brave enough to marry them at -30 degrees, Sergei simply put a ring on Irina’s finger, while the crowd cheered.
Luckily, friends and family of the happy couple who were to cold to stand by them during the offbeat ceremony, got to join the festivities in a nice warm wooden cabin, where they danced the night away.
I tell ya’, nothing says “I love you” like getting married at -30 degrees, because that’s what your fiancee wanted. I wish my wife had been so understanding and agreed to have the wedding at a strip club…

The Giant Talking Lamp of Malmö

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Swedish city of Malmö, the giant lamp of Lilla Torg square seems like something taken out of Alice in Wonderland.
First installed in 2006, the 5.8 meters high lamp quickly became a favorite spot for both locals and tourists. Featuring a foot that also acts as a bench, this installation was created with the idea of giving passers-by a chance to sit down, relax and forget about daily stress, if only just for a few minutes. Throughout the year, the enormous lamp tours the various squares of Malmö, but on December 15, just before Christmas, it always returns to Lilla Torg.
It looks cool enough as it is, but it would be even better if someone would build a giant nightstand, and maybe a glass of water, to go with the lamp. And if it wasn’t bizarre enough, the giant lamp of Lilla Torg actually talks, as well. Check it out in the video at the bottom.

The Eco-Friendly Junk Mail Portraits of Sandhi Schimmel Gold

Using a technique she calls Acrylic Mosaic Fusion, artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold takes junk mail and other paper waste and turns it into beautiful portraits.
Phoenix-based Sandhi Schimmel Gold has been fascinated by art for as long as she can remember. In her youth, she spent most of her days sitting quietly in the bedroom, drawing, and she remembers cutting school to spend her days in museums and art galleries around New York City. Although she studied art in school, Sandhi says she is pretty much self taught, and most of her works are influenced by her extensive travels.
The artist first felt inspired to create mosaic portraits years ago, when she was in Venice, Italy. She saw a portrait made of small colorful glass fragments ans since it was to heavy to transport home, by train, Sandhi decided to create one just like it. After a period of trial and error using glass and tile, she decided to change her art medium to ephemera.
Now, using upcycle junk mail, post cards, photos, calendars and other paper junk together with water-based, non-toxic paint, Sandhi Schimmel Gold creates the most amazing mosaic portraits. She doesn’t use any kind of technology or dies in her art; everything is hand-cut, hand-applied, hand-embellished and hand-finished. “My vision is to create beautiful yet thought-provoking images of beauty” says Sandhi, and she manages to do it by using paper waste most people throw away.

Mercedes Car Hangs From 6th Floor

This is happening when my foot accidentally becomes stuck accelerator.
Car drove into a parking garage wall of Bank of America building in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A white Mercedes broke through the wall from the sixth floor below, damaging vehicles parking debris rain. Well, no one was injured.
67-year-old Mercedes driver told police that he somehow got stuck under the foot pedal. He says that to follow the car parking throughout the zoom into reverse and slamming into the outside wall.

Crazy Hanging Tents

Rock climbers began to stay overnight on the rocks in the 50’s. At first they were searching for convenient mountain “shelves” to replace a bed, and now they are using hanging tent systems called portaledges. They are designed specially for rock climbers who have to spend multiple days and nights on a big wall climb.
Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to sleep hundreds or thousands feet off the ground!

Amazing Bubble Gum Sculpture Arts

Creative Work With Bubble Gum

Funny Advertising Ideas - Cool and Fun

Funny Advertising Ideas - Cool and Fun

10 Most Expensive Catastrophes in History

10. Titanic – $150 Million

The sinking of the Titanic is possibly the most famous accident in the world. But it barely makes our list of top 10 most expensive. On April 15, 1912, the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage and was considered to be the most luxurious ocean liner ever built. Over 1,500 people lost their lives when the ship ran into an iceberg and sunk in frigid waters. The ship cost $7 million to build ($150 million in today ‘ s dollars).

Catastrophes in History12 10 Most Expensive Catastrophes in History

Vegetables Art - Amazing Creativity

Cabbage Arts Ultimate Collections

Cabbage Arts - Ultimate

Colombian Chef Creates Edible Wedding Dresses

Juan Manuel Barrientos, a talented young chef from Colombia, has created two fully edible wedding gowns and showcased them during the Colombiatex fashion show in Medellin.
Barrieto admits he didn’t know much about fashion, let alone edible fashion, until someone asked him about clothes that you could eat. He started doing some research on the subject and didn’t stop until he was able to create two beautiful wedding gowns exclusively out of edible materials.
Wedding dresses are usually just something pretty for people to look at, so Juan Manuel Barrieto decided to use his newly acquired knowledge to give them a whole new purpose. Instead of just eye-candy for the wedding guests, his beautiful creations are real candy for the groom to enjoy on his wedding night.
The original wedding dresses are made of 2,000 sugar-glazed rose petals and champagne clothe and come with edible accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings made of candy, and a bouquet made of edible flowers.
Barrieto showcased his sugary gowns during a textile fair for professionals that takes place between Januarry 25 and 27, in the Colombian city of Medellin.

The Wonderful World of Japanese Manhole Cover Art

Found across nearly 95% of Japan’s 1,780 municipalities, custom manhole covers have become an important part of national culture.
The history of manhole cover art can be traced back to the 1980s, when cities began making custom covers with designs inspired by the region’s cultural identity (mythology, history, culture, etc.). Every one of the over 6,000 custom manhole cover across Japan reflects the uniqueness of each city, keeping true to the country’s reputation for aesthetic sense.
Have a look at some of the most beautiful custom manhole covers spotted across Japan:

Italy Inaugurates World’s First Sauna Tram

Public transportation is considered one of the most stressful things in the world, but the designers of Italian public transport company QC Termemilano set out to prove public transportation can also be relaxing.
They managed to create an ordinary tram cart into the world’s first tram sauna, complete with hot coals, wooden benches, and thanks to the open windows, a wonderful view of the surroundings. Except for these features, the tram sauna looks just like any other cart. ‘This innovative design is to show that not all public transport is frustrating. It can be somewhere to relax.’ said one of the company’s representatives.
The custom tram sauna is currently located in the middle of a real spa complex, but although it sits on its own real tracks, it won’t be going anywhere any more.

Unbelievable Art with Buttons And Pins

Unbelievable Art with Buttons And Pins

Soap Designs

Extraordinary Wall Paintings

Microsoft Windows Screen shots - Windows 1.0 to Se7en

Windows 1.0

Commodore Invictus - The Computer Keyboard

Yes this is Keyboard with Computer, More images after the break....

Amazingly Rare Parrot Flower from Thailand

His is a flower from Thailand. It is also a protected species and is not allowed to be exported. This will be the only way we will be able to view this flower.



7 Amazing Holes - Don't Dare to Miss this!

Looking at photos like these scares and fascinates me in equal doses. The sheer scale of these holes reminds you of just how tiny you are. Mirny Diamond Mine, Siberia. I'm pretty sure most people have seen this one. It's an absolute beast and holds the title of largest open diamond mine in the world, at 525 metres deep with a top diameter of 1200 metres there's even a no-fly zone above the hole due to a few helicopters being sucked in.

Amazing Paper Yamaha Bike

2 Year Old Girl Weight As 41.5 Kg

Over weighted Little Girl In China

Of normal weight at birth, now in Pang Nga prompted to 41.5 kilograms, about as many Chinese adult female scale. Pang pressure weighs about 4 kg when she was born, they reached 8 months only 20 pounds, and since then, she was always weight. Now, she worried that parents seek medical help. They acknowledged that the baby is a very healthy appetite, but demanded that doctors do not know what their daughter is wrong. Pang pressure, from the town of Peach Village, Shanxi, just more than 6000 million in China, one of obesity. These figures more than doubled from 1992 to 2002. This may be related to open up some fast food chains in China.

1 year Old Child Pregnant

One year old child found pregnant in Saudi Arabia

Creative Miniature Cities Made from Old Computer Hardware

Made from Old Computer Hardware – Creative Miniature Cities by Franco Recchia from Italy
Made from Old Computer Hardware - Creative Miniature Cities by Franco Recchia from Italy

BMW Cycles - Amazing and Stylish Bicycles

Amazing Examples of 3D Chalk Arts by Hou from China

Amazing Examples of 3D Chalk Arts by Hou from China


Amazing Feather Painting

New Generation Techy ABC

New Generation Techy ABC

Amazing Cardboard Vehicle Sculpture Arts

Amazing Cardboard Vehicle Arts

CPU inside Keyboard All in One

A typical Computer usually have Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Speakers .But Technology have evolved to such a level that you might have just keyboard which will replace your CPU, Speakers. Don’t believe me then see the CPU inside Keyboard.
A complete Keyboard Layout

CPU inside Keyboard

The Largest House of Cards in The World

Tireless American Bryan Berg spent 44 days out to fold out of playing cards layout of the largest
 casino in the Chinese of Macao. Architect by training, Berg did not use when creating a record
 of card facilities or tape or glue. Card copy of Venice Casino Macau is 10.6 meters long,
 3 meters in height and weighs 272 kg.

Largest House1 The Largest House Of Cards In The World

The Bottle Cap Portraits of Molly B. Right

Molly B. Right is a brilliant self-taught artist, from Charleston, South Carolina, who uses discarded bottle caps to create incredible portraits.
She began creating bottle cap portraits back in 1993, when she started pondering the phrase “Jesus Saves”. Saves what? – Molly asked – Does he just save souls, or if he had the time, would he also save things like string or rubber bands? Does he save bottle caps? And that’s when she took this question and turned it into a full size portrait of Jesus. “Now I’m doing bottle cap portraits of archetypal women that don’t have anything to do with Jesus saving anything. Now I’m the one who is saving bottle caps.” Molly says in the artist statement on her official site.
The process of creating bottle cap portraits begins with a painted portrait on a sheet of metal. Molly then glues the vintage bottle caps in an overlapping pattern, sort of like scales on a snake. She pays great attention to details, making sure there are no visible glue traces, and using several transparent washes of glaze to define her portraits even further.
The bottle caps Molly B. Right uses for her beautiful portraits are considered collectibles on their own, since all of them date from the 30′s to the 70′s.

New York Apartment Is Decorated with 25,000 Ping Pong Balls

Known as the “Box Box Project”, this 90-square-meter apartment designed by Snarkitecture is decorated with 25,000 ping pong balls.
Daniel Arsham’s apartment in Brooklyn is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The first time you walk through the door, its walls look like large gray pixelated screens that fade to white towards the ceiling, but as you approach them, you see thew are actually covered with ping pong balls, 25,000 of them, to be exact.
The rest of the apartment is decorated in minimalist  style, featuring only a bed, a few shelves and s built-in dresser, but that just means the ping pong balls get center stage in this decor. Attached to the offices of Snarkitecture, the Box Box apartment can be accessed by climbing a ladder  in the office’s employee bathroom.
This one-of-a-kind loft took two months to complete, at a cost of less than $100 per square foot, almost $50 cheaper than an average apartment. Cheaper is better, of course, but considering ping pong balls are among the most flammable objects on Earth, I hope the residents are non-smoking.

The Deepest Swimming Pool In World

The deepest swimming pool in the world was opened in 2004 in Brussels, Belgium. In fact, it's a Recreational Diving Center, called Nemo 33. The swimming pool floor consists of flat platforms at different levels. The pool has two large flat-bottomed areas at depth levels of 5m (16 ft) and 10m (32 ft), and a large circular pit of 33m (108 ft). It also contains several underwater caves at the 10m depth level. The Center was designed by Belgian diving expert John Beernaerts as a facility for instruction, recreation and film production.

14 Year Old Girl is 206 Centimeter Long - Amazing

May be the Tallest teenage girl in the world.
A 14 year old Brazilian teen is looked up to by just about everyone around her. Standing at an amazing 6ft 9 in, she is the tallest girl there.
Elisany Silva (Elizane Cruz Silva, Silva da Cruz Elizane) is a Brazilian girl who was born September 27, 1995 and has a height of 206 cm (6'9'') tall. She now ranks among the world's highest youth.

In Georgia cat gave birth to dog

Catdog born in Georgia 
Believe it or not, but one woman in Georgia is claiming that her cat has defied science. She says that her moggie has given birth to a PUPPY, in a labour that lasted two days. While they are not fighting like cats and dogs just yet, she says the pup's tails and ears take after its mother - while the rest of the body is fully canine. Scientists have not ruled out radiation as the reason, but say that any cross species encounter was an unlikely cause.

Amazing Piano Designs

Illusion Images Done by Rob Gonsalves

Illusion Images are always interesting. I love those kind of images. These are work of Rob Gonsalves. Rob Gonsalves is a Canadian painter of magic realism with a unique perspective and style. He produces original works, limited edition prints and illustrations for his own books. Gonsalves now has 64 paintings and is working on more. He spends an notable amount of time planning each piece in order to make the transitions flawless and usually finishes about four paintings each year

Towers of Knowledge

Illusion Images Done by Rob Gonsalves

Amazing Small Objects

Life Before and Today

Creative Paper Artworks

How To Learn English Alphabets

Lets do some physical activity to easily learn English Alphabets. Just take a look at A to Z that are looking funny and wonderful. 
26 Photos

Farmer Grows Buddha Pears

Buddha shaped pears are seen in an orchard in Weixian county, Hebei province September 10, 2009. Hao Xianzhang, a local famer, spent six years to perfect the process by growing the pears inside moulds, local media reported. The pears cost around 50 yuan (7.32 USD) each.

World’s Thinnest Mouse - Slim G4

Everything’s now going super slim (apart from me of course). Mobile phones, notebooks and now mice too. The ultra-slim G4 Mouse, just 5mm thick, serves as a perfect tutorial for mobile mouse construction.
The uber-slim mousing instrument of the G4 optical mouse folds perfectly flat in order to fit in your PCMCIA slot when not in use, and when you’re ready, it pops out, ejects a USB cable, and folds into a more ergonomic position for all your mousing needs. It seems it just takes 10 seconds to go from its unbelievably thin structure to being fully usable.
It has a major advantage over a lot of mice, in that the USB cable stores neatly into the mouse when it’s not being used. The 800 DPI mouse boasts a left / right click and a touch-sensitive scroll wheel, is apparently Windows- compatible.
Available in pink, blue and silver colors with matching pouches, the Slim G4 Optical Mouse costs  around $50.

Paper Cartoon - The Funny Cutouts

There are interesting photos in this post made by some genius Cartoon fans. They drew the cartoon character on paper, cut them out and then put them in different scenes…. It is so creative and make all those little guys alive… 

Paper Cartoon  The Funny Cutouts

Spectacular Examples of Mass Photography Works by Arthur Mole from Chicago

Spectacular Examples of Mass Photography works by Arthur Mole from Chicago

Largest Concrete Keyboard

Amazing Bug Painting Art Work

Steven Kutcher, of 63 years, is an artist from Los Angeles that paints using insects. spiders, flies, bees, butterflies, crickets and cockroaches are some of the insects that this artist uses to elaborate his works, although in fact the paintings are done by the insects and not by him.
Insects possess segmented bodies supported by an exoskeleton, a hard outer covering made mostly of chitin. The segments of the body are organized into three regions, or tagmata; a head, a thorax, and an abdomen. The head supports a pair of sensory antennae, a pair of compound eyes, one to three simple eyes (“ocelli”) and three sets of variously modified appendages that form the mouthparts.The thorax has six legs (one pair each for the prothorax, mesothorax and the metathorax segments making up the thorax) and two or four wings (if present in the species). The abdomen (made up of eleven segments some of which may be reduced or fused) has most of the digestive, respiratory, excretory and reproductive internal structures.

World's Oldest Romanian Mother - Age 67

Unbelievable Toothpicks Sculpture

World's Oldest Typewriter Collection

vintage typewriters 42 World’s Oldest Typewriter Collection

Chocolatier Carves World Heritage Monuments in White Chocolate

Mirco Della Vechia, one of Italy’s most talented chocolatiers, has created a series of replicas of world heritage monuments carved in white chocolate.
Demonstrating immense talent and patience, Della Vechia has taken huge blocks of chocolate and, using a series of fine carving tools, turned them into sweet models most people would love to sink their teeth into. The Chocolate World Heritage Monuments collection, currently on display at a Hong Kong shopping mall, features white chocolate models of famous landmarks, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, Stonehenge, the Parthenon, or Egypt’s Abu Simbel.
Apart from this incredible collection of chocolate models, Mirco Della Vechia also holds the Guinness record for the largest chocolate sculpture in the world – a 1.5-meter-tall, 2.5-meter-long and 5.37-ton-heavy replica of the Dome of Milan.


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