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Mercedes Benz PC Case Mod

It’s a 1/14th scale replica of the Tamiya Mercedes Benz truck. It comes complete with a digital CD player, an LCD screen, and a trailer!

Technical Specs:
• Barebones MSI MEGA 651 PC

•160 GB Seagate hard drive

• MSI FX5600 128mb

•2.8GHz P4

•1gb ram

• Logitech diNovo Bluetooth keyboard

• Sony active speaker system SRS-T55

• LILLIPUT 7" Touch screen VGA TFT

• Wireless Netgear PCI adaptor

• 3 x 4” Blue Cold Cathode Kit

• Tamiya Mercedes 1/14th RC truck

• PS2 adaptor

• Panasonic Slot Laptop Combo Drive


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