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10 Most Costly Pair of Jeans

10.) Levi Strauss & Co.
The name Levi Strauss & Co. may conjure up images of basic, practical jeans, but the well-known company has recently taken its reputation up to new heights with the introduction of its premium denim. Called the Levi Capitol E jean, these high-end pants are sewn by hand out of high-quality denim and it can take as many as 30 people from start to finish to craft just one pair. Such intensive workmanship doesn’t come cheap. In fact, the most expensive cuts of these jeans sell for as high as $500 a pair and no two are exactly alike.  

9.)  7 For All Mankind
The 7 for all popular brands of humanity has become known for its high quality fabric and exceptional cutPair to start with a few hundreddollars and are readily available in better department stores in a varietyof colorsweaves and stylesThe top of the line pair can run as high asnearly $ 1,000and some fans of this line swear that the cut gives the illusion of thinner legs and leaner thighswhich could make it a worthybuy.

8.)  Earnest Sewn
Imagine the jeans were created for the precise measurement and taste. It is seeking an exact match, the conflict between lovers, fashion jeans sewn customize steadily, but temptation. These jeans are also good hand-dyed denim is made from the original batch them rare. If you buy a pair, they will be changed to fit the body size and shape of your completely personal. Also, you can choose the content you want to add your rivet material and size. These costs $1,000 about user-defined styles. 

7.) Roberto Cavalli
If bling is your thing, then consider the bejeweled premium denim jeans offered by Roberto Cavalli. This is a favorite among celebrities and fashion insiders, including Jennifer Lopez, who is known for her cutting-edge style. You can find these extravagant jeans at high-end department stores, or at the Roberto Cavalli boutique on Madison Avenue in New York City. A pair will cost you close to $1,200.

6.) Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana design team of the Italian best-dressed women pretty clothes for some of the excellent performance of the design is. Thus, they are a part of the high-end market, Jean will be surprising to come off. Their worries faded blue jeans with embroidered butterfly design on this point. Again the final touch, elegant in a pink leather patch & G Gold Group D is adorned with the logo of the pocket and you have to do this eye-catching attractive design to tell the person behind the center of the creator. The world price of a pair on waitlists in limited quantities just below the $1,200 and this unique item is in limited supply.

5.) APO Jeans
Which do you prefer silver, gold or platinum hardware? When you select APO Jeans custom denim, you can choose rivets made from any of these three metals and can even opt for real diamonds in the place of a regular button. Further, the pockets are lined in pure silk and the zipper is polished and plated to perfection. Of course such luxurious details, in addition to the finest denim, doesn’t come cheap. APO considers its premium denim and detailing “cream of the crop,” and charges accordingly. In fact, the price tag for this product with all of the bells and whistles is $4,000. But in return, you receive a written appraisal from a prestigious New York City jeweler so you can protect your investment.

4.)  Gucci
There is elegance and stability mediated by anything GucciThis premise holds true even if the items in question come in tattered and tornAtleast that's the idea behind the Gucci Genius jeans, which look from apair of jeans regularly specially treated and torn to it is made old and worn. Then jeans covered with African beadsfeathers and buttons togive a unique look. Finished products unveiled at the back of Milan in1998, with prices only slightly more than $ 3,100, shall receive a mentionin the Guinness Book of Records. (Today, the same would be with a little over $ 4,000.)

3.) Escada
You will be the focus of attention, love to visitIf soconsider the version of user Qin luxe designer Escadathe buyer all the details and styling you can select your heart desiresThe finished product is expensiveSomefans of this chapter is really a princess or queen of the value ofembellishments numbers to exercise their creativityUntil now the mostexpensive pair of custom Swarovski crystal was deckPrices for two-indulgence was $ 10,000.

2.)  Levi Strauss & Co.
While most of the jeans on this list are new, the ones that hold the number two spot are a pair that is actually very, very old. These jeans are a pair of original Levi Strauss & Co. that date back to the 1880s and lots of history is captured within the weave of its vintage fabric. These jeans, which are an original example of the Levi 501 style, sold at auction on eBay in 2005 for a shocking $60,000. This translates today to more than $65,000. The first was a pair of Levi’s also from the late 1800s that were bought by Levi Strauss & Co. in 2001 for about $46,000 (today this equals more than $55,000). In addition, a recent EBay auction for a pair of Levis more than century old that were found in a Californiagoldmine sold for more than $36,000.

1.)  Secret Circus
And the winner of  the most expensive pair of jeans. . Design of the new company was a strange couple secret circusCreator diamondsyouwear a back or neck, regardless of whether their pockets instead there is a girl's best friend I have in the bankIt is their high level (andsubstantially largerin their pants, including the design of a large collection of diamond is the reasonThe first pair is rumored sold for $ 1,300,000 is due to shock.


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