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Meet the World's largest Family with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren!

Ziona Chana and his wives

What was it like to live one house with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren?Repot? Full of conflict? It did not make Ziona Chana.Pria India was admitted happy with his extended family.
BUILDING storey 4 with 100 rooms in the village of Baktwang, Mizoram, India, it seems more accurately described as a dormitory rather than the house where tinggal.Betapa not? Each floor is like room packed with dozens of bed because the bed.

So narrow between the bed with each other without a separator. This is a bed for the wives of Chana and children, and grandchildren. Chana build a house called Chhuanthar Run or home of a new generation to his extended family. ”I was lucky because it could be a husband of 39 female heads of households as well as a big family,” said Chana. Not without reason when he was 67 years decided to marry so many women. He was the leader Chana sect which believes that one day they will lead the world. Developed Challian who is also grandfather Ziona Chana Chana, sect allows adherents to take a wife as much as they want.
Believe it or not, Chana was originally believed not to be married. ”My father had seven wives. Seeing him treated many women like it was quite difficult, so I do not intend this, “ungkpa Chana.” But my desire is not the will of God, “he continued. At age 17 he married for the first time. And so on until he has married 10 women in one year. Is not very hard to support his family so much? Chana seems to have prepared everything. He has a school for the children and grandchildren, playgrounds, carpentry workshops, pig and poultry farms, fields, and a fairly large vegetable garden to produce food for the whole family. Origin unknown, with family members reached 181 people, need extra food for a large family Chana.
For one meal, they cut at least 30 chickens, 59 kg of potatoes boil, and cook 99 kg of rice. Interestingly, eat together applied discipline like a soldier. When you eat there own way, as did about “matters of the bed”. Chana has its own rules to set the time with his wives. White man has rooms with large beds they occupy themselves. While the beds surrounding her. Closest to her room is the youngest wives, while the old wives increasingly distant.
Young wives are on the floor above or equal to the floor where residence and wife Chana oldest on the ground floor. In the daytime, usually call 7-8 Chana wife to accompany him, hand or foot massage to anoint rambut.Tidakkah if it creates jealousy for the other wives? Huntharn-ghaki, one wife insisted, all along his wife Chana. ”If the system is placed on the foundation of the family feel sincere love and respect each other, the system is guaranteed to succeed,” he said. Chana Rinkimi who married for 11 years, said her husband is the most important person in the house. “Serves him as serving the Lord.

He’s the most handsome man in this village and I feel lucky to have him, “says this woman of 35 years. Ngaihzuali, 37, added, “He often called me to anoint her hair.Work makes me feel special. “Ngaihzuli Chana married 18 years ago. He claimed to be a favorite wife in the big family. Zathiangi, eldest wife Chana explained, as the wife of the oldest in the family, he has an obligation to maintain the household management. “I was married at the latest by Chana and everyone in this family are proud to maintain respect padaku.Saya husband and family,” tuturnya.Dalam tasksdaily duties, the commanding Zathiangi.
Women 69 years is to delegate tasks to other wives and their children. Parliana, 50, eldest son of Chana explains, most women who married father is the poor women and orphans from the village of Baktwang. ”He’s not just the head of this house, but also the leader of about 4,000 people from the sect Chana,” he said. Parliana admitted the number of people so much sometimes raises its own difficulties, but everything was happy and having a safe life. ”By supporting him in his work, I feel close to God,” he said. Parliana own follow his father’s footsteps, although it is difficult for him to break the record for Chana.
Parliana “new” has 2 wives and 13 children. Chana himself admitted that his life has not been the last. ”To expand the sect, I am even willing to go even to the United States to get married,” he asserted.


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