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World's most expensive sheep sold

A sheep is believed to have become the world's most expensive after selling for £231,000. Deveronvale Perfection, bred in Banffshire, was bought by a fellow local sheep farmer at a sale in Lanark. The tup lamb will be used for breeding in the hope of more than recouping the purchase price. The UK's previous most expensive sheep, Tophill Joe, was bought for £128,000 six years ago. He died recently after fathering lambs worth more than £1m.

Jimmy Douglas said Deveronvale Perfection had a good body Graham Morrison's eight-month old lamb Deveronvale Perfection was sold to Jimmy Douglas. The high price has been put down to the lamb's strong physical attributes. Seller Mr Morrison said the price was beyond his "wildest dreams". However, he said the sheep lived up to his name and was indeed "perfection". New owner Mr Douglas said the Texel sheep was as good as he had seen, with a good body. Deveronvale Perfection could also eventually have his semen sold.


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