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25 More Cool And Unusual Bus Stops

Guarana Antarctica Bus Stop: Actual size football goal posts were placed in bus stops around Sao Paulo, Brazil to promote the World Cup.

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Man Uses Donkeys to Tow Faulty Luxury SUV Back to Dealership

A Shenyang businessman made Chinese headlines the other day, after he used two donkeys two tow his faulty Range Rover back to the dealership, in protest.
Just two weeks after another dissatisfied car owner had his Lamborghini Gallardo smashed with jackhammers, in protest of poor quality vehicles that auto companies chose to sell in China, a similar incident took place in front of a Rover dealership. A man sick of having to repair his Range Rover every few months, rented two donkeys and had them tow his broken vehicle back to its manufacturer, and asked for a total refund.
The protester bought his luxury SUV in 2010, for 2 million yuan ($304,000), and it reportedly broke down six times before he eventually had to replace the entire engine. When the car died on him for the seventh time, the angry owner felt he had to do something to send a clear message to car makers about the shady quality of their products. So he rented the donkeys, glued a protest banner to the SUV and towed it back to the dealership.
Although his actions grabbed a lot of media attention, they weren’t enough to convince Rover to give him the total refund he asked for. They’ll probably just fix it for him, again.

21 Creative and Cool Fridge Magnets

Endo Magnet Clips: Secures poetry, photos, memos and documents to the fridge.

21 Creative and Cool Fridge Magnets (21) 1

25 Creative and Cool T-Shirt Designs

Apartment Building T-shirt: Designed by SQY-T designer Yan Hu, it is a part of the "Skin and the City" collection.

25 Creative and Cool T-Shirt Designs (25) 1

20 Creative and Cool Notepad and Sketch Pad Designs

T-Shirt Shape Sketchbook: T-shirt shape sketchbook helps designers visualize the final product. It comes with both front and back pages.

20 Creative and Cool Notepad and Sketch Pad Designs (39) 120 Creative and Cool Notepad and Sketch Pad Designs (39) 220 Creative and Cool Notepad and Sketch Pad Designs (39) 320 Creative and Cool Notepad and Sketch Pad Designs (39) 420 Creative and Cool Notepad and Sketch Pad Designs (39) 5

20 Cool and Creative Sticky Notes

Next time when you need to leave a message for your friend or a family member why use the old yellow sticky notes when you have these creative and cool sticky notes?

Wooden Block Sticky Notes : Designed by Kenjiro Sano, it contains 1200 pages of memo notes. Kakuzai memo block beautifully brings out the connection between wood and paper.

20 Cool and Creative Sticky Notes (30) 1

32 Creative and Smart Pen Designs

In this collection of smart, creative, cool and innovative pens we are sure that you will find your choice.

Pen+Sprayer: A neat little pen featuring a spray on one end that creates a writing surface on your hand.

32 Creative and Smart Pen Designs (36) 1
32 Creative and Smart Pen Designs (36) 2

22 Creative and Smart Pencil Designs

Clothespin Pencil: Created by designer Yuta, this 'Clothespin Pencil' is his take on the mechanical pencil.

22 Creative and Smart Pencil Designs (23) 1

23 Creative and Cool Puzzle Inspired Product Designs

Puzzle Rug: Designed by Katrin Sonnleitner, the collection includes the classic Puzzle Persian rug with 9 Persian rug colors, the Puzzle Persian BW with black & white pieces. The Puzzle Green with four green tones is ideal for a botanical wall decoration.

23 Creative and Cool Puzzle Inspired Product Designs (25) 1

Evolution of Portable Gaming Consoles

The origins of handheld gaming consoles came in the late 1970s and gained momentum in the industry from the 1980s through the early 1990s when the many celebrated names of the "video game console" world jumped onto the bandwagon deeming it a lucrative business. There were names like Nintendo, Sega, Atari and NeoGeo, offering a different spectrum of games to consumers. Although some did not last as long as others (Nintendo), they did provide countless amounts of joy in their time.

Nintendo Game Boy, 1989

Marcus Levine’s Hammered Nail Art

Using up to 50,000 rigid steel nails to recreate something as fragile and curvy as the human body isn’t the easiest of tasks, but artist Marcus Levine manages to to it without as much as a sketch.
The British artist’s road to his brilliant career has been anything but predictable. Born in Yorkshire, Levine attended the Jacob Kramer Art College, but instead of pursuing his dream of making nail art, he opted for career as a TV graphic designer, and later joined the family business. It wasn’t until 2004 that he finally decided he wanted to make art for a living, and moved to Budapest. He began hammering nails into composite wood boards and completed his first real nail artwork in 2005. He continued to perfect his technique, creating increasingly dynamic interpretations of his subjects and pushing the boundaries with each new art piece.
Marcus Levine takes between three days and two months to complete one of his hammered masterpieces and uses anywhere between 15,000 and upwards of 50,000 nails. By placing them at various heights and distances, he can create various distinct tones and manipulate the intensity of the contours. He masters several techniques, like undulating the height of a nail or rotating its head round, but Marcus admits that light has  a big part to play in his art, as “from morning sun to evening sun the shadows across the sculptures change and affect the contrast, and by altering artificial lighting, the sculptures can appear as light as a pencil sketch or as dark as a charcoal life drawing.”

Indian Woodcarvers Give the Skateboard an Oriental Twist

What do you get if you combine the old fashioned skateboard with the talent of a dozen Indian woodcarvers? The answer can be admired in the photos below.
All commercially-available skateboards are artistically designed, but companies usually opt for spray paint, abstract graphics and prints to personalize the board. German curator Tobias Megerle teamed up with a dozen traditional woodcarvers from Mumbai to give the skateboard a brand new make-over inspired by traditional Indian patterns.
Megerle remembers “The very first time I drove past I was magically attracted to the carved wooden objects in Mahim, all the open workshops, the woodcarvers sitting on the floor with their traditional tools, working on their items, the whole atmosphere”. As an artist he wanted to do something with their work, and after several visits studying their craft, he picked the good old skateboard to undergo the carvers’ artistic treatment.
Tobias Megerle’s art project was named Final Cut, and its main goal was to keep the skateboards functional even after Mumbai’s carvers were done with them. The results are truly amazing, and the German curator hopes his project will lift India’s woodcarvers from the state of craftsmen to that of artists.
These traditionally carved Indian skateboards are currently on exhibit at The LOFT at Lower Parel, in Mumbai, where they will remain until April 12.

Clock Collector Has Plenty of Time on His Hands

With over 1,500 different clocks covering every wall in his house, Jack Schoff holds the Guinness Record for the largest collection of clocks.
A clock placed above the door to Jack Schoff’s home, in North Berwick, Maine, is meant to prepare every visitor for what awaits them inside, but the sight of 1,509 clocks adorning every square inch of a small studio apartment isn’t easy to take in, especially if it’s your first time visiting. Everyone lets out a “Wow”, but Jack Schoff isn’t impressed anymore because “everyone says the same thing.”
Unlike most other quirky collectors, Jack hasn’t always been fascinated by clocks. In fact, he only began collecting them seven or eight years ago, when health issues forced the former Portsmouth Naval Shipyard pipefitter to take some time off. With so much time on his hands, sitting idly at home, there was only one way to go – clocks. “I was going stir crazy, so I started taking clocks apart and putting them back together, you know, just for something to keep busy,” he says. He and a friend would drive throughout the Seacoast region, from one yard sale to another, buying all kinds of clocks. Then, people started hearing about his crazy hobby and began leaving old or broken clocks on his doorstep, so he doesn’t even know where some of the items in his collection came from.

Cool and Creative Earring Designs

We are sure that we got something for everyone in this collection of 'Cool, Unusual and Creative Earring Designs'.

Glowing Earrings: Sapphire blue light earrings look cool in the dark.

Cool and Creative Earring Designs (39) 1

15 Creative and Unusual Sofa Designs

Illusion Sofa: Designer Rafael Simoes Miranda takes illusions a step further; he created this cool illusion sofa. 
15 Creative and Unusual Sofa Designs (15) 1

16 Creative and Cool Doorstops

Paint Tube Doorstop: These creative little tube-shaped doorstops hold doors firmly in place.

16 Creative and Cool Doorstops (16) 1

14 Creative and Cool Fishbowl Designs

Portable Fishbowl: Its the creation of design student Michal Shabtiali; it's a fishbowl with a handle.

14 Creative and Cool Fishbowl Designs (14) 1

18 Creative and Cool Cutlery Designs

Fish Cutlery: "Each piece in this stainless steel cutlery set is whimsically fish-shaped, right down to tail, fins, mouth, and eyes."

18 Creative and Cool Cutlery Designs (18) 1

Handy Toothbrush And Toothpaste Combo

19 Creative Curtains for Your Bathtub

Bathtub curtains are quite important to the overall ambience of your bathroom. Anyone enters your bathroom, and what do they see first? It’s the shower curtain! Right in front of the face. That means, how good or bad your bathroom looks depends in a very large way on the shower curtain that you put up.

These are some very funny and interesting curtains for a bathtub. They are also very unusual. I would have hung in my bathroom some curtains of this collection.

Maine Chefs Make World’s Largest Whoopie Pie

In an attempt to raise money for charity and claim the title for the world’s largest whoopie pie, a team of Maine confectioners have created a frosted dessert weighing over 1,000 pounds.
They say the Amish invented the simple but delicious whoopie pie, but that didn’t stop the state of Maine from trying to claim it as its official dessert. Back in September 2010, at the annual festival of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania confectioners made a 250 pound whoopie pie, but that record was practically pulverized last Saturday, when Maine managed to top it with their own giant whoopie treat, weighing 1,062 pounds.
Local pie makers Wicked Whoopies provided the necessary ingredients for creating the giant calorie bomb, and assembly began around 8 am. After hours of work, which included lifting the baked top and bottom with a forklift, the drooling crowd gathered in front of Coast 93.1 radio station could finally stuff their face with frosted goodness. The event was also used as an opportunity to raise money for Maine troops serving abroad, so whoever wanted a slice of the world’s largest whoopie pie had to make a small donation. The raised funds will be used by Wicked Whoopies to pay shipping costs for the whoopie pies they plan to send to soldiers serving far from home.

Metro Surfing – Russia’s Deadly Extreme Sport

Moscow’s metro system has recently become the scene of a new and deadly extreme sport – metro surfing. Teenagers jump on the back of trains and try to cling on for their lives as they video-tape the whole experience.
Believe it or not, metro surfing began as a desperate way of catching a ride during rush hour. The Moscow subway system is very crowded at this time and it’s close to impossible to get into the train, so young people started clinging to the back of it to reach their destination in time. Unfortunately, this desperate way of traveling somehow turned into a popular pass-time for teenagers looking for cheap thrills and internet fame. Metro surfers have now become such a common site that normal commuters hardly notice the crazy kids hanging on for their lives at the back of the train.
Wearing distinctive gloves, and sometimes clothes the same color as the metro to blend-in better, surfers wait on the platform the same as everyone else. Then, as the train leaves the station, they jump on the back of it and ride into the narrow tunnels, trying not to fall off. Most of them have cameras attached to their headgear to record the entire thing. They then post them on popular social media sites like Youtube or vkontakte (Russian version of Facebook), and brag among their friends. Even more alarming is that there are now groups of up to 2,000 members posting and commenting their metro surfing adventures online, and their numbers seems to be ever growing.

Chinese Animal Lover Adopts 140 Stray Dogs

Li Zongwen, a former chef from Wuhan, has made online headlines after Chinese media discovered he has taken in 140 stray dogs from the outskirts of the city.
The 59-year-old man began adopting strays from the streets of Wuhan in 2009, and in just two years time he has taken-in an impressive 140 hungry dogs. He put a roof over their heads, but admits he couldn’t afford to feed all of them, without donations from other local animal lovers. Food and rent for Mr. Li and his big family of canines cost around 5,000 yuan ($760) which is way more than he could pay on his own.
Although sharing a home with 140 animals isn’t exactly an easy task, considering the noise he has to put up with at night, and the considerable mess he has to clean up after them, Li Zongwen doesn’t complain. On the contrary, he likes having them around as he prepares a big bowl of dog chow, using a garden shovel, and even eats his own meals in their company. Maybe he should get in touch with Ha Wenjin, the woman who looks after 1,500 stray dogs and 200 cats, I’m sure they have a lot to learn from each other.

Paper Clip Inspired Products, Artwork and Designs

Clip C2 Paper Clip Chair: Its inspired by a simple fold sequence of a metal paper clip.

Paper Clip Inspired Products, Artwork and Designs (33) 1
Paper Clip Inspired Products, Artwork and Designs (33) 2

11 Creative and Cool Hand Cut Paper Maps

Artist Karen O'Leary has been creating a beautiful series of hand cut paper maps of popular cities. These incredible paper maps are hand drawn and hand cut from a heavy-weight, textured, watercolor paper with a rough edge or heavy-weight, smooth surface, white Bristol paper.


11 Creative and Cool Hand Cut Paper Maps (11) 1

28 Cassette Inspired Products and Designs

Cassette Tape Speaker: Connect it to your iPhone, iPod, Zune, or whatever you're using; compatible with any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone socket such as: MP3 players; PDA; portable systems & computers.

28 Cassette Inspired Products and Designs (32) 1

Creative and Cool Reuse of Phone Books

Incredible 3D Phone Book Art by Alex Queral: Philadelphia artist Alex Queral has got a creative use of the old phone books; he turns them into works of art. His choice of medium is quite unique, yet ordinary which results in three-dimensional quality that enhances the portraits as an object as opposed to a picture.

Creative and Cool Reuse of Phone Books (11) 1Creative and Cool Reuse of Phone Books (11) 2Creative and Cool Reuse of Phone Books (11) 3

9 Creative and Cool Flooring Designs

Floor Of Pennies: The floor in the Standard Hotel, New York is made up of thousands of pennies.
9 More Creative and Cool Flooring Designs (9) 1

7 Creative and Cool Use of Stickers.

Creative Suitcase Stickers: These cool stickers when applied to your bag, is sure to draw attention and makes it easily identifiable.

Creative Suitcase Stickers (3) 1Creative Suitcase Stickers (3) 2Creative Suitcase Stickers (3) 3

Amazing Hanging Trains in Germany

Artist Creates Dog Portraits from Recycled Magazine Photos

San Francisco-based Samuel Price uses pieces of photographs he finds in old, discarded magazines to create intricate portraits of man’s best friend.
Sam Price’s career as a collage artist began when he was too young to afford paints and would tear up magazine and newspaper pages and glue them to a canvas. He did it out of necessity and because he has “always believed in the use of accessible materials as part of the instinctive process of creating art”. Stepping in the footsteps of artists like Pablo Picasso – a pioneer of collage art – Price uses recycled photographs as the medium for his artworks.
Unlike other collage makers, Price doesn’t use a computer as a guide when he creates his masterpieces. He spends several hours looking through discarded magazines, in the search for just the right color and shape that would fit his needs, and then glues every strip of paper himself.
Samuel Price takes great joy from creating something new and special from materials other people simply throw away, and says his work has helped him create a strong connection with many dog lovers. Through his collage portraits he tries to capture the special relationship between a dog and his owner.

Incredible Miniatures Carved from Matchsticks

Artists have been using matchsticks as a medium for their art for a while now. Some use thousands of matches to create amazing wooden models, others use them to create colorful sculptures, or decorate their homes in a unique way, but I’ve never seen detailed matchstick miniature sculptures before.
I saw some interesting photos of carved matchsticks last week, while surfing the interwebs for unique art to share with you guys, but I couldn’t find any info on the artist who made them. Unfortunately, the research I conducted following my find didn’t prove very successful. All I learned is they are created using fine tools like scalpels and other specialized instruments, and that they’re mostly made by artists from South American countries like Chile, Argentina and Brazil. A miniature matchstick sculpture takes around three hours to complete and it’s then placed inside a small glass cover, for protection.
Among the most famous matchstick sculptors, I’ve found Christian Hernandez, who focuses of Greek mythology themes, and Argentinian Javier Gobai, whose detailed works you can admire in the photos below:

30 Creative and Cool Tape Dispenser Designs

If you had enough using those old-fashioned tape dispensers, then maybe one of the following tape dispensers will appeal to you.

Measuring Tape Dispenser: A tape dispenser shaped like a tape measure.

30 Creative and Cool Tape Dispenser Designs (30) 1

5 Creative And Cool T-Shirt Packaging Designs

Prompt Design, a Thai design agency created a range of t-shirts that has recently been awarded a Gold Pentaward. Each of these t-shirts feature a graphic representation of a type of food or drink. These are folded inside vacuum packs, paper bags, plastic wrappers or disposable cups. Impressive!

5 Creative And Cool T-Shirt Packaging Designs (6) 1

18 Creative and Cool Toilet Brushes and Holders

Toilet brush is an unpleasant item to be kept out in the open; however by using these cool and creative brushes, you no longer have to worry about hiding them.

Pinocchio Toilet Brush: Add a little fun to your bathroom with the Pinocchio toilet brush. Pinocchio's smiling face is the brush; his cap is the brush stand and his nose substitutes the handle.

18 Creative and Cool Toilet Brushes and Holders (18) 1

6 Creative and Cool Car Sunshades

When you have these creative and cool car sunshades to opt for, then why going for regular ones.

Centraal Beheer Insurance Sunshade: Centraal Beheer insurance company wanted to promote their car insurance, but the budget was limited so the use of traditional media wasn't possible. DDB Amsterdam, Netherlands came up with this creative idea to promote the car insurance; winner of Bronze Eurobest Winner created lots of goodwill for the company, besides the company received huge number of phone calls requesting information on car insurance.

6 Creative and Cool Car Sunshades (6) 1

15 Creative and Clever Hats and Caps

Animal Hair Hats: These amazing & unique animal-inspired hair hats are the creations of Nagi Noda, a Japanese artist who is best known for her direction of music videos, TV commercials & ad campaigns. These are truly out of this world, & the hairpieces depict rabbits, poodles, owls, elephants, lions, cows, giraffes, monkeys & other animals.

15 Creative and Clever Hats and Caps (21) 115 Creative and Clever Hats and Caps (21) 215 Creative and Clever Hats and Caps (21) 315 Creative and Clever Hats and Caps (21) 4

12 Creative and Clever Beach Towels

Prime TV Promotion Towel: To promote feature length UK drama, these clever shaped beach towels were given out at the beach.

12 Creative and Clever Beach Towels (15) 1

25 Modern and Creative Tissue Paper Holder

R2-D2 Roll Tissue Cover: R2-D2 Roll Tissue Cover from Japan comes with azipper at the bottom of the box, so you can put the tissues.

25 Modern and Creative Tissue Paper Holder (25) 1

Notebook Paper Inspired Designs.

Notebook Paper Bed Clothing: This set features a blue with red double lines on a dark beige background, creating a notebook sheet effect.

Most Unique Key Holders

Some people used some unique supplies to make these original key holders. Some are rather risqué, some use every day materials that you would never think to use for one. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are all unique and interesting.

15 Creative and Cool Belts.

Tube Belt: Creative belt made from used inner tubes of old bicycle tires.

15 Creative and Cool Belts (15) 1

17 Creative and Cool Drinking Glasses.

Crowd Glasses: These glasses feature a familiar city scene of commuters chatting on their mobile phones hurrying along the edge
in an upside down world.

17 Creative and Cool Drinking Glasses (20) 1

15 Creative and Cool Contact Lens Cases.

If you had enough of the regular contact lens cases, we have something interesting for you; 'Creative and Cool Contact Lens Cases'. Some of these are animal-inspired contact lens cases and come in different colors and animals, from frogs to hippos, pigs, elephants and puffer fish. The others aren't less interesting either, just check them out.
These are sure to add a smile while you put on or remove your contacts each time.

15 Creative and Cool Contact Lens Cases (15) 1

20 Creative and Cool Coatrack Designs.

Mostly the coatracks consists of a set of hooks affixed to the wall in a nondescript way. But what we have here is something interesting and different!

Decorative City Coatrack: Its inspired by the great city and features all its interesting arrangements of landmarks and architecture; and was designed by Rösing for Radius Design.

20 Creative and Cool Coatrack Designs (20) 1

11 Creative and Cool Birthday Candles.

Celebrate in style with these 'Creative and Cool Birthday Candles'. These candles will liven up any party.

Lighter Candles: These candles come complete with anchoring toothpicks and are cleverly disguised as a lighter.

11 Creative and Cool Birthday Candles (11) 1

15 Creative and Cool Wallets

One Hundred Dollar Bill Wallet: Create the illusion of wealth by simply keeping this wad of realistic 100 dollar bills into your back pocket.

15 Creative and Cool Wallets (15) 1

Chocolate Crack Pipes – A Sweet and Healthy Alternative to Tobacco

An Austrian chocolatier has invented an ingenious type of inhaler that could help people give up smoking and leave a sweet taste in their mouths, at the same time.
Created by confectioner Rouven Haas, Chococaps inhalers are small crack pipes the size of normal cigarettes, containing a concentrated cocoa powder that can be inhaled, for a quick chocolate fix. They don’t contain nicotine or any other substance found in tobacco cigarettes, but the simple act of inhaling could help smokers give up the dirty habit, without any side-effects. And if you’re worried about gaining weight, forget about it. According to manufacturers, Chococaps allows you to enjoy the taste of chocolate, without putting on the pounds, so this could be a viable alternative to chocolate addicts worried about their figure.
It sounds like a really cool and innovative product, but it’s actually being criticized by health campaigners like anti smoking expert Otto Brandli, who said “it is a dangerous product that can only encourage the smoking of cigarettes or worse. It is idiotic to encourage this sort of behaviour”.

Gary LeMaster – The Incredible Eggshell Sculptor

Gary LeMaster has to be one of the world’s most gifted sculptors. After all, how many people can take an egg and turn it into an intricate and detailed work of art?
Born in New Zealand, where his father, a US soldier, was stationed at the time, Gary showed a passion for the arts, at a very young age. After the family moved to the States, he grew up learning how to use tools, and do woodworking alongside his father, while, at the same time, learning to appreciate fine arts, from his mother, a talented ballet dancer. It was his mother’s guidance that got him a scholarship in music at the University of Iowa, which he turned down to pursue a teaching degree in history and English. Although he practiced drawing with pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, the fact that he was color-blind made Gary LeMaster think his visual art was limited, and that he wasn’t good enough for art school.
After enrolling in several school programs and obtaining numerous degrees, he decided it was time he took some art courses at the University of Iowa, where he enjoyed every class he took. Although Gary regretted not turning to the arts to begin with, his graduate art courses helped take his drawing skills to a whole other level, which proved to be very important in his career as a professional eggshell sculptor.

Mother Gives 8-Year-Old Daughter Regular Botox Shots

Keri Campbell, a beautician from San Francisco, gives her 8-year-old daughter Britney Botox shots every three months, to make her “popular” and “famous”.
According to British tabloid The Sun, the beauty-pageant-obsessed-mom is proud her daughter is probably the youngest child in the world to receive Botox injections and claims the treatment will help her become famous as a teenager. “I wish that I’d had the same advantages when I was younger. She is a lucky little girl and is going to be famous because of the benefits I am giving her so early,” Kerry says, adding that she just wants Britney to have the best start in life so she can become a superstar, easier.
What’s even more disturbing is the eight-year-old now asks to be given Botox shots, claiming she can see wrinkles: “I check every night for wrinkles, when I see some I want more injections. They used to hurt, but now I don’t cry that much.” She says her friends think it’s cool she gets this kind of treatment, and want to be just like her.

Horse Boarding – The Latest in Equestrian Extreme Sports

Adrenaline junkies have found a new way to get their fix – horse boarding, a fresh extreme sport where boarders on off-road skateboards are dragged by horses, reaching speeds of over 35 mph.
Horse boarding was invented three years ago, by Daniel Fowler-Prime, after he tied a rope between his mountain board and a horse, and decided it was a pleasurable experience. He was just messing around on the farm, and laughing with his friends, but soon realized this could actually be considered a sport. This summer, he’s proud to be organizing Britain’s first Horse Boarding Championship.
According to Daniel, ”We have people from all over the country coming to the training ground to try it. It’s very accessible for people of all abilities, you only need a bit of space and a lot of guts,” Easy for him to say, he’s a professional stunt horse rider and has made appearances in films like “Kingdom of Heaven” and “The Da Vinci Code”, but for regular people, holding on to a rope while maintaining balance at 35 mph has to be pretty tough.

Deaf Puppy Learns Sign Language from Her Deaf Owners

Everyone knows how important it is for dogs to associate sounds with commands, but Alice, a deaf eight-weeks-old springer spaniel is currently learning sign language commands, from her new owners.
The poor puppy had a rough start in life, after being abandoned by a breeder who decided a dog that couldn’t learn commands wouldn’t bring him any money. When she was brought to The Blue Cross adoption center, Alice was sick, dirty and very nervous, and the staff though they would have a tough time finding a family willing to take in a dog that required lots of special training. But when Marie Williams and her family first laid eyes on the cute canine, they new they had find the pet they were looking for.
Marie fell in love with puppy the moment she saw her, and when she learned she was actually deaf, that just made her even more special in her eyes. Miss Williams and her partner, Mark Morgan, are also deaf, so they knew Alice would fit right in with the family. Now, less the a month after being adopted, the puppy has already learned some basic commands, and her new masters are using sign language to teach her other tricks. ‘Alice is such a loving and responsive dog and she proves that with a bit of time and effort, a deaf dog can be trained and become a wonderful pet,” said Julie Stone, manager of The Blue Cross center.


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