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Woman Claims Overeating Gives Her Orgasms

Gabi Jones, a 25-year old woman from Colorado, suffers from a rare medical condition that causes her to have orgasms every time she feasts on foods she likes.
Doctors have diagnosed Gabi’s strange case as persistent genital arousal disorder, which causes her to have orgasms without any sexual arousal. The young woman experienced her first food orgasm in her late teen years, while enjoying a frozen treat at an ice-cream parlour. Although it happened years ago, Gabi remembers she loved the smooth texture of the ice-cream on her tongue, when she felt a tingle in the genital area.” Then the pressure kept building until suddenly it swept through my body. I felt light-headed and flushed.” she says, adding that even though she was stunned by what had happened, she had no doubt it was an orgasm.
All of Gabi’s friends thought she was making things up, but every time she ate rich, creamy desserts, she felt that tingling between her legs. Some women would have felt a little worried, but this food-lover went out and got herself an ice-cream maker so she could enjoy knee-trembling orgasms any time she wanted. Gabi Jones has put on 209 pounds in the last five years and now weighs 490 pounds, but she is perfectly happy with her figure.

Valle de la Prehistoria – Cuba’s Jurassic Park

Valle de la Prehistoria, near the city of Santiago de Cuba, is a prehistoric-themed tourist attraction that features life-size models of over 200 dinosaurs and cavemen.
Located inside the Bocanao National park, Valle de la Prehistoria spreads over 11 hectares of land and is as close as it can get to a real-life Jurassic Park. The vast recreational park dedicated to science and palaeontology is split into multiple areas separated by geological epochs, and features lush vegetation, man-made waterfalls and 227 concrete statues representing 59 different species, including dinosaurs, mammoths, felines and early cavemen.
Perhaps the most spectacular statue in the whole Valle de la Prehistoria is the 12-meter-high Cro magnon welcoming tourists at the park entrance, with a giant stone axe in hand and a Flintstones-like sign post that reads “Do not hesitate! Go! Dare to discover the Jurassic Park dreamed by Spielberg himself”. According to people who visited this popular tourist attraction, it is indeed a fun way to travel back in time, and no other facility manages to recreate a prehistoric 
atmosphere as faithfully.

Russian Band Plays Live Gigs Using iPhones and iPads as Instruments

Cooperative Style, a teenage rock band from Kazan, Russia, is the world’s first group to play a series of live concerts using only Apple iPads and iPhones as musical instruments.
Instead of using traditional instruments, the teenagers download apps for drums, keyboards and guitars and play their Apple gadgets on stage, through a downloaded mixing desk. They play covers and hits by rock legends like Nirvana, and say their audiences really like their original performances. Ruslan Halikov, the iPhone guitarist of Cooperative Style says it’s a lot harder to play a virtual guitar that it is a real one, not to mention rock and roll poses don’t look cool at all. Still, the public seems to like what they do.
While these guys may be the first to play Apple’s cash cows in live gigs, the iPhone and iPad have long been used to make music by amateur groups, and some of their performances are really very good. You can find loads of videos on YouTube.

Cheese Shoes for Stinky Feet Fashionistas

Lisa Dillon, a fashion student at the Bath Spa University has designed a delicious-looking pair of Jimmy Cheese shoes, made of cheese and bread.
The stinky footwear is part of an entire collection of cheese shoes and accessories commissioned by Pilgrims CHoice Cheddar and will be displayed during the 2011 Royal Bath & West Show, from 1 to 4 June at the Bath & West Showground at Shepton Mallet in Somerset. The event plans to promote the region’s delicious cheese.
For this particular pair of cheese shoes, Lisa Dillon used West Country cheddar and bread. A block of cheddar was sculpted to make the heels, and a stale cheese sandwich was used as part of the platform sole. The front of the shoe was also moulded from cheddar and more cheese was melted to create the embellished design.
While I’m sure not many models would wear Jimmy Cheese, for fear of stinky feet, they look like a nice breakfast treat to me.

German Couple Convert Train Cars into Comfy Home

Vanessa Stallbaum and Marco Stepniak love trains so much they decided to integrate two old mail cars in the design of their new house.
The German couple met on a train, and their first vacation was a four-day train ride from Berlin to Kazakhstan, so when Marco told his girlfriend he wanted to build their house around two train cars, she immediately agreed. 34-year-old Stepniak got the crazy idea 15 years ago, when he attended a youth club, close to his home town of Herten. It was set up in two old train cars and he remembers thinking someone could actually live in them.
Two new train cars like the two wanted to use for their new house, cost around €500,000 ($725,000), but they were lucky enough to find an online ad for two second-hand mail cars from Switzerland. Built between 1974 and 1975, the two railway antiques were in remarkably good condition, and they cost only €20,000 ($29,000). Unfortunately, transporting them from Switzerland to Germany actually cost more than the cars themselves €26,000 ($37,600), but  Vanessa and Marco spared no expense in order to realize their dream.

CD Holders

Do you have a bunch of CDs or DVDs lying on your desk? How about getting them organized and keep your music collection organized with these CD Holders!

Buy me CD holder:
Buy me CD holderBuy me CD holder, designed by Marián Laššák.

20 More Umbrellas And Their Stands

Here are 20 more interesting umbrellas and their stands, which we are sure you are going to like! Don't miss the part one

Nubrella Umbrella: 
Nubrella UmbrellaWith this one you can be sure of one thing: 'it can not and will not invert in any wind'.

Toe Art

If the artists wish to create a work of art, then it isn't unusual to come across unique methods used by them to convey it. And here we have the works of some of the artists who have used the digits of the hands and legs to convey their creativity and it turned out to be quite impressive.

Toe Art (6) 1

50 Creative and Cool Starwars Inspired Products and Designs

R2-D2 Headphones: These headphones look really cool!

50 Creative and Cool Starwars Inspired Products and Designs (60) 1

20 Creative and Cool Key Caps

Keytars: These guitar-shaped key costs about $6 for a set of six in a variety ofcolors.

20 Creative and Cool Key Caps (21) 1

The Crunchy Cereal Art of Ryan Alexiev

American artist Ryan Alexiev uses different kinds of cereal to create colorful mosaics,from portraits like that of Barrack Obama to recreation of popular artworks.
Cereal is America’s number one breakfast choice and the third most popular product in supermarkets, so it makes sense why Alexiev chose it as a medium to examine the ideology of American consumerism, through his art. He hand places thousands of crunchy cereal bits to create detailed mosaics that literally look  good enough to eat.
Born in Los Angeles and raised in Alaska by two Bulgarian immigrants, Ryan Alexiev has worked with a lot of materials over the years, but he is mostly known for his cereal mosaics and landscapes like the Wizard of O’s and The Land Of A Million Cereals.

Clinic Claims It Can Cure Cancer and Autism with Tobacco Smoke

Most doctors claim tobacco smoke causes serious diseases, but at the Griya Balur clinic, in Indonesia, it’s used as a cure for cancer, autism or emphysema.
In most western countries, a clinic that uses tobacco as a remedy would have been closed down immediately, but in the city of Jakarta, it’s one of the busiest treatment centers. People suffering from serious illnesses, some ironically caused by years of smoking, come to Gryia Balur searching for miraculous cures associated with tobacco smoke. Its founder, Dr Gretha Zahar told AFP that she has treated over 60,000 people from all over the world, in the last ten years.
The treatment for cancer or emphysema sufferers includes blowing smoke from “divine cigarettes” infused with “nanotechnology”, through a tube, to remove cancer-causing “free radicals”. Smoke is blown into the mouth, nose and ears of the patients.  Zahar claims that smoking actually manipulates the mercury found in tobacco cigarettes, curing deadly diseases and even slowing down the aging process. On her website, she says her theories don’t need to be published in medical journals or subjected to clinical tests, and that she doesn’t have the financial resources to “fight Western medical scientists”.

Artist Creates Sculptures from His Own Chewed Nicotine Gum

Slovak artist David Havetta has created a collection of unique sculptures from thousands of nicotine gum pieces he chewed himself, while trying to give up smoking.
The 65-year-old artist says he started smoking as a young boy, but decided to quit about 25 years ago, so he searched for alternatives to keep him busy and away from cigarettes. At one point he discovered nicotine gum, but had no idea it will eventually become the main medium of his unique art. During work, David started sticking the chewed up pieces of gum on a pen holder he had in his office until he formed one big lump. When he pressed his finger on it he noticed it was good, malleable material, so he decided to try and sculpt it, out of boredom.
Havetta’s first chewing gum artwork was the head of a woman, and he liked working with the material so much that he spent the next few months creating a body for it, as well. It took a lot of time and a total of 500 pieces of nicotine gum, but for the artist it was all worth it. Just so you realize how long it takes to make one of his nicotine gum sculptures, you should know David has only created a few dozens of them in the last twenty years. They include a horse, flowers and even an old table clock modeled after The Toilet of Venus by Diego Velasquez. They are all made of hundreds, sometimes thousands of pieces of gum.

Woman Can’t Stop Eating the Foam inside Sofa Cushions

Adele Edwards, a 31-year-old woman from Bradenton, Flrida, has been eating foam from insode sofa cushions every day for the last 21 years.
The woman remembers she first felt the bizarre craving when she was just 10 years old. Her cousin had decided to chew a piece of sofa for fun, and something inside her head just kept telling her she should try it too. She liked the way it felt in her mouth and although she started out by just chewing on the bits of foam and spitting them out, it wasn’t long before she began swallowing them. Three years ago, Adele woke up in the middle of the night, feeling an excruciating pain in her stomach, and after trying to get up she collapsed by the side of the bed. An ambulance rushed her to the emergency room, where doctors diagnosed her with a serious blockage in her lower intestines. After six days of trying to clear remove the mass, medical staff was getting ready for surgery, but fortunately for miss Edwards, the strong laxatives she was given were finally able to push the blockage through her body. Doctors were shocked when they saw it was the size of a grapefruit and made of pure sofa.

Woman Turns Her House into Shrine to the Colour Pink

Wanda Matthews, a 20-year-old woman from Greater Manchester, England, has an unusual passion for everything pink, which made her transform her house into a regular shrine dedicated to the popular colour.
Wanda has always had a thing for pink, but over the last three years things have really gotten out of control. She has converted her three-bedroom home into a giant version of a girl’s Barbie house, where everything from the walls, to the furniture and even the carpet is pink. And since she wears pink every day, the wardrobe is full of pink clothes, shoes and accessories.
Most people who know Wanda, have gotten used to her pink fetish, but those who walk into her house for the first time, usually start out a conversation with “wow, that’s a lot of pink”. But the pink-addicted mother-of-two doesn’t mind, she knows some people might think her love of everything pink is a little strange, but she just likes to surround herself with the girly colour.

Students Recreate Van Gogh’s Starry Night with 8,000 Bottle Caps

Two students from the University of Virginia have created a pixelated replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” using around 8,000 colorful bottle caps.
I don’t know how they got their hands on so many bottle caps, but I’m sure Ross Thomas and Elizabeth Farrell made quite an impression on their teachers and colleagues when they unveiled this recycled version of Starry Night. Around 8,000 bottle caps were used to complete the 7′ by 9′ masterpiece, but although the number itself is pretty impressive, what I find most amazing is how they used the colors and logos of the caps in just the right places to create a beautiful artwork.
I don’t know what it is about Van Gogh’s masterpiece that bottle cap artists love so much, but I think it just might be the most bottle cap reproduced artwork in history. Take a look at some other versions of Starry Night, at the bottom.

Cool Sleeping Bag Designs

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag: The Tauntaun sleeping bag is a reality now; what started as a prank was turned into reality due to the intense demand from the Starwars fans. The sleeping bag looks just like a Tauntaun, it's quite a reminder of how Han Solo saved Luke from freezing climate by placing Luke inside the Tauntaun.

Cool Sleeping Bag Designs (9) 1Cool Sleeping Bag Designs (9) 2

24 Creative and Cool Nutcrackers

Handynut: Made to be conveniently ergonomic and smooth, this elegant piece of industrial design sculpture is made out of porcelain.

24 Creative and Cool Nutcrackers (24) 1

Custom Cubicles

Crazy Heels

Metal Work by Designmartus

Designmartus creates interesting furniture, designs and metal work. What really got our attention is their "Metal Work". We are sure you are going to like their creation, its quite impressive. Do check out their site for the rest of the wonderful work

Metal Work by Designmartus (4) 3

Notepads: Creativity At Its Best

We have been using notepads for variety of uses in our homes, offices, colleges ….. But who says notepads are just for taking notes? Why can't there be other uses to it? How about using notepad to create creative drawings? Here's a creative way to use your notepad!

notebook (3) 1

Creative Use Of Insects In Advertising

Whether you agree or disagree with the creative use of insects in advertising, but we can't deny the fact that the concept is innovative and the artist deserves the credit for its creation. These come from an ongoing project created by artistEmily Berezin that involves painting corporate logos on living insects. Painting on living insects can be tough and depending on the insect, Emily puts it in the fridge for 5-15 minutes, so that it slows them down and gives her a minute or two to work before they start reviving. The process is repeated for a few times till its done. She has enough knowledge about these insects that helps her to avoid any long lasting effect on them. Though she made an exception in the case of the ladybug as she painted over the entire wing casing and that wont allow it to fly. According to her the ladybugs stop flying as it gets colder, and they seem to be nearing their end. And apart from this, the paint doesn't have an incredibly strong hold on them due to the surface and it generally starts to come off after a few days. She uses photoshop but only to crop the images, adjust the levels of light and color, and to touch up a couple of places where paint had come off to get the perfect photo. Once she is done photographing them, these insects were let off into their natural surroundings.

Creative Use Of Insects In Advertising (5) 1

Shutter Art: The Alternative Shop Front

Have you ever noticed how many shops have metal shutters? And at the end of the day when the shops are closed, and the shutters are lowered; then you often see plain metal shutters. Why do we need to have a plain metal shutter when the same can be used creatively; to send a message, convey an idea or even for advertising? To have art on the storefront shutter of the shops and brighten up the things all you need is a concept and an artist. We have here a collection of unique shutter designs from all over the world.

Shutter art in UK: 
Shutter Art The Alternative Shop Front (12) 1Shutter Art The Alternative Shop Front (12) 2Shutter Art The Alternative Shop Front (12) 3Shutter Art The Alternative Shop Front (12) 4Shutter Art The Alternative Shop Front (12) 5Shutter Art The Alternative Shop Front (12) 6

25 Cool And Creative Coin Banks

Most of the change banks just sit on your desk and look unattractive. If you are getting bored by the conventional coin bank and need something new for saving your coins this might help. We have here a collection of cool, creative and modern coin banks which will allow you to save money in style. We are sure these would be a whole lot more fun than putting your pocket change in the coin jar. Saving change was never so much fun.

Ceramic Jar Coin Bank: Another one from Artlebedev's Studio; a white marker is supplied as part of the kit, so you could draw the savings goal on the jar. After it's full, just drop it and take the money and buy what you've planned.

25 Cool and Creative Coin Banks (33) 125 Cool and Creative Coin Banks (33) 2

18 Creative and Cool Bookends

Starwars Bookends: Made from high quality polystone, is hand painted and measures 6 inches deep by 12 inches wide and 7.5 inches high.

18 Creative and Cool Bookends (18) 1

Head Designs of Levine

Most of the guys who loose hair would opt for a wig, consider a comb-over or shaving their head. But it isn't so with Levine, who started losing his hair in his early twenties. Instead he decided to make his head a canvas and started using it as an art form to express. He teamed up with professional body painter Kat Sinclair to turn his idea into a reality. He and Kat will be putting an exhibition of 100 different head designs in London and publishing a book of those images in May 2011.

Head Designs of Levine (7) 1

10 More Creative Bookshelf Designs

Triangle shelf: 
Triangle shelfThis unique shelving system can be setup around your existing furniture, or can be just put on a wall as a sculptural object.

Umbrella Art Installations

Abri N°177 by OzCollective:
Umbrella Art Installations (30) 1Umbrella Art Installations (30) 2This installation is created by Ozcollective using 32 large golf umbrellas with curved handles, wood, cables and nets.

Edible Business Cards

It's true that business cards are for contact information, but businesses have come up with an innovative idea; imaginative and deliciously edible business cards are the need of the day. These contain all the basics like the personal and the business information. Here are some truly memorable business cards that help brighten up the usual process of exchanging the normal business cards.

Chocolate Business Card: 
Edible Business Cards (6) 1A business card made of chocolate of Intellectual Property Law Firm. 

Cindy Jackson – The Woman Who Refuses to Age without a Fight

At 55, Cindy Jackson currently holds the Guinness Record for the most plastic surgery, but doesn’t look like a monster at all. She’s just doing what she can to look as young as she feels in size.
In 2004, during an interview with CBS, Cindy Jackson admitted she never outgrew her obsession with looking like a Barbie doll. She saud: “I looked at a Barbie doll when I was 6 and said, ‘This is what I want to look like.’” That’s probably what a lot of little girls say, but they eventually grow out of it, which wasn’t the case with Cindy. Growing up as a farm girl in Fremont, Ohio, Cindy recalls she wasn’t very good looking, unlike her sister who was breathtakingly beautiful and always attracted more attention.
At 21, she moved to London where among other experiences, she had a short-lived career as a punk rocker. The years went buy, but her childhood obsession with looking like Barbie stuck with her, and at 33, Cindy got her chance to make her dream come true. When her father died, she inherited some money and decided to invest it all in her appearance. She began by having her upper and lower eyelids reshaped to open up her eyes, then moved on to liposuction on her knees and collagen injections. She admits her surgery was pretty extreme, considering she had multiple nose jobs, breast implants, cheekbone reshaping and implants, liposuction and microdermabrasion, but thinks her investment was wise as it allowed her to become a pioneering case study of plastic surgery. She also launched two best-selling books about her experiences, launched her own skin care treatments, traveled the world and got her singing career off the ground.

SHOCKER: Justin Bieber’s Lookalike Is a Girl

Dani Shay, a 22-year-old American folk singer from Orlando, Florida, has become famous for being a spitting image of teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber.
As if you hadn’t had enough of Justin Bieber, right? Well, I’m sorry to torture you like this but I thought this news was pretty funny. A video of Shay doing a cover of Eminem and Rihanna’s “I love the way you lie” has recently become viral after viewers were shocked at the striking resemblance between the singer and Bieber. Some even thought it was a hoax and that Justin Bieber was actually the one performing in the video.
But this is old news for Dani Shay who says that even before she knew who Justin Bieber was, no matter where she went, people asked her for photos and autographs. Now, being assaulted by mobs of crazy fans everywhere she goes is all in a day’s work for the talented Florida singer. She’s gotten used to it and even describes herself as a “lesbian who looks like Justin Bieber, but is uniquely different in her own ways”, on her Facebook page.

Bacon Perfume Will Make You Smell Like a God

Everybody loves bacon and I have to admit I knew it was just a matter of time before someone took its tastiness, bottled it and sold it as the best perfume ever.
Fargginay Bacōn is made with “11 popular pure essential oils and an ever so slight hint of . . . bacon” and it’s already being marketed as bacon in a bottle. The wacky cologne is supposed to be a rediscovered secret recipe by John Fargginay, a Parisian butcher who, at the beginning of the 20th century, “discovered the ability to elevate his customers’ mood” using a combination of bacon, essential oils and herbs. Unfortunately, the original recipe was lost during a fire in 1924, but John Laydon, current owner of Fargginay, has attempted to recreate the scent and bottled it up as Bacōn.
The world already had bacon chocolate, bacon jam, baconaise, so why not add some bacon perfume to the mix, right? And while Bacōn won’t really make you reek of bacon, the discreet scent will probably have hungry dogs chasing after you for a piece of ultimate goodness. But, at least it has a pretty decent commercial:

Guarachero Boots – When Long Is Simply Too Long

They’ve only been around for about a year, but these ridiculously long Mexican pointy boots have already become a major fashion trend at dance clubs and rodeo dance floors around northern Mexico.
The guys at Vice heard about the unusual footwear and journeyed to the Mexican city of Matehuala, in the northern state of San Luís Potosí, to learn more about it. Apparently the trend started about the same time the music known as “tribal guarachero” became popular among the youth of the area. A combination of pre-Hispanic and African sounds, Colombian cumbia and modern house music mixed by young DJs, tribal quickly became the favorite dance music of young Mexicans who soon began organizing dance-offs in clubs and at rodeo festivals.
At first, everyone wore normal size cowboy boots, but at one point people started making them longer and longer, until it got out of control. It turned into a competition between ranches and neighborhoods over who had the longest, pointiest boots, and before long contests for the best chuntarito boots were organized. Much to the dissatisfaction of many fellow Mexicans who see the new fashion as a latino version of the “Jersey Shore” trend, fans of tribal guarachero kept making even longer boots and highlighting them by wearing skinny jeans. Some say they’ve seen guys wearing seven-foot long boots.

20 Unusual And Interesting Looking Ties

Pouring Beer Necktie
Pouring Beer Necktie

15 Cool And Creative Headphones

Question Mark Shaped Headphones: 
Question Mark Shaped Headphones (2) 1Question Mark Shaped Headphones (2) 2
'The unique shape serves several purposes. It fits snug in your ear, easily loops together around your neck when not in us.'

60 Cool Design Salt And Pepper Shakers

No dining table is complete without a salt and pepper shaker. And if you are a collector of S+P, then these are some that you are going to like. What we have is a collection of salt and pepper shakers which we came across over a period of time. Hope you like it!

Koziol - Salt & Pepper Shakers:

60 Cool Design Salt And Pepper Shakers (60) 1

Cool Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an efficient choice to cool your home, and a great way to maximize the energy efficiency. They use much lesser electricity in comparison to the air-conditioning units, leading to cost savings!

Batman Fan: 
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 1This unique shaped blades move air just like any other traditional blade design fan. 

15 Cool Pizza Cutters

If you are still using the regular pizza cutter it might be the time to upgrade. Here we have some of the best pizza cutters that makes cutting and serving of pizza so simple and efficient. So which one of this is for you?

Equalizer - Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter:
15 Cool Pizza Cutters (20) 115 Cool Pizza Cutters (20) 2If you want precision cutting then this is for you! 

Mona Lisa Recreated With Cups Of Coffee

This incredible coffee masterpiece measures 20 feet high and 13 feet wide, took 8 people and three hours to complete using 3,604 cups of coffee and 564 pints of milk. This replica of Leonardo Da Vinci's La Gioconda was created for The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia, which attracted 130,000 people in just one day. It was created by adding various amounts of milk to the cups of black coffee. "Each coffee cup was filled with varying amounts of milk to create the different sepia shades of the painting."

Mona Lisa Recreated With Cups Of Coffee (6) 1

Juan Osborne’s Pictures Really Are Worth a Thousand Words

It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of Spanish amateur artist Juan Osborne that is literally how things stand. Using several hundred thousand words he manages to recreate famous images and icons that have put their mark on the world.
Osborne searches for the most popular words associated with his subjects, then uses his netbook and a custom software to piece them together and recreate the image. “Words are powerful, they go straight into the human mind and really add something to my pictures that you can’t get from a regular picture taken with a camera. Mine have stories behind them that can be read, which is pretty unique,” the artist says about his works.
People usually think he’s kidding when he tells them he only uses a netbook uses a software he created himself to make the images, but to Juan it seems only natural. He feels free without the need to use commercially available software and if he needs something extra he can just create another application. While adding over 200,000 words to a single image is pretty time-consuming, the young artist says he has been doing it for so long that his skills have improved to the point where he can complete an artwork in just a few days time.
The biggest work Juan Osborne has completed so far contained 500,000 words, but he plans to beat that record and reach the 1 million mark. The only problem he faces is finding a place to print an image that big.

Eggshelland – A Colorful Easter Tradition Made of Eggshells

One of the world’s most impressive Easter traditions, Eggshelland features a number of colorful lawn mosaics made of Easter eggshells.
Every year, Ron and Betty Manolio, from Lyndhurst, Ohio, create a set of intricate eggshell mosaics right on their front lawn. It all started back in 1957, when Ron’s mother used 750 colored eggshells to make a cross on her lawn, and Ron and his wife carried on the tradition, coming up with different themes and complex mosaics each year after that.
First, the Manolios come up with a fresh theme, one that always includes the symbols of Easter – a fifty-foot cross and the Easter Bunny. Then Betty draws a plan of the display on a special piece of paper covered with a grid of small boxes, colors the pictures and they both count the number of eggs required and colors needed for the project. After they make sure they have all the necessary eggshells, they lay out the grid of the drawings on the lawn and start placing support sticks in the ground. Finally, the colored eggshells are placed over the sticks to create the actual mosaics.

Unique Matchboxes

Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 1Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 2Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 3You can stick this star shaped patch sticker to your shoe or any other place of your choice, and you are ready to light a match. This comes from Radi Designers.

30 Creative and Unusual Necklaces

These aren't the ones you see every other day; neither are they made out of any flower nor made of diamonds. If you had enough of the typical ones, then these necklaces that are quite unique and creative are sure to get your attention.

Liquid Necklace: Liquid Necklace Pendant by DAY Birger et Mikkelsen is made of plated silver and features a bottle shaped pendant.

30 Creative and Unusual Necklaces (30) 1

Some Cool Pencil Sharpeners

Usually pencil sharpeners go unnoticed and has no much importance attached to them, they are just part of office supplies and stationary. But if you wish to change it, here are a few options that are sure to attract attention and make the needed difference.

Glass Pencil Sharpener: It's shaped like a globe, made of two parts, the top one has the sharpener while the lower one stores the pencil shavings with space left between stand and the bottom half.

Glass Pencil Sharpener

Cool Looking Door Handles

If you had enough with the usual, monotonous, conventional door handles and are looking out for something different, these are sure to impress you!
Light Bulb Door Handle: Designed by Jeong-Sun Park, it's a knob light (door knob) with an internal generator that stores energy and illuminates and guides you to the bathroom at night. 
Cool Looking Door Handles (12) 1Cool Looking Door Handles (12) 2

Smart Concepts

Once our professor told us, success isn't about working hard, but it's about working smart. And these 'Smart Concepts' help us to work better. There may be numerous smart concepts out there and this post can go on endlessly; what we have here are a few of those which got our attention.

Baggler: This unique device was created to help people manage and carry their bags with ease. It keeps the handles secured without getting entangled or items falling out of the bags, so no rolling groceries, and no uneven distribution of weight.


20 Cool Design Toasters

Notepad Toaster: This toaster incorporates a little message board where one can write quick notes. You can scribe notes on the message board over the toaster, and the message gets "toasted" onto the toast itself. Its created by designer Sasha Tseng.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 1

Creative Bus Advertisements

There are many creative advertisements on buses; here are some that got our attention.

Nzdating.com Buses Advertisement: "Find your perfect match. Don't leave it to chance. nzdating.com; This ad is for New Zealand's premier Internet site, and used bus backs to illustrate the fleeting nature of finding 'your perfect match'. The bus routes were on a loop, so the message became clear whenever the buses were in close proximity to each other."

Creative Bus Advertisements (18) 1

Jane Perkins Proves One Man’s Junk Is Indeed Another’s Treasure

British artist Jane Perkins creates beautiful works of art using everyday objects like marbles, toys or buttons picked up from recycling centers, second-hand shops and junkyards.
Jane Perkins worked as a nurse for 17 years, in a London hospital, before she decided to explore her artistic talents and got a degree in textiles in 2006. For her graduation thesis the artist chose a topic that would later be associated with her name  - “Recycled Materials in Art and Design”. She began her successful career by creating stylish brooches mad with discarded jewelry, coins, sea shells and other found junk, but soon moved on to other more complex and impressive works.
Taking inspiration from Ecuadorian artists who take broken pieces of jewelry and implement them in original hair designs, and from the found objects themselves, Perkins creates colorful masterpieces exhibited all around the world. She loves to make art with an element of fun and unexpected and says she will use anything colorful that she can get her hands on. Luckily, Jane doesn’t have to scour second-hand shops and recycling centers as much as she used to, as people in her neighborhood learned about her art and began leaving bags of unwanted stuff on her doorstep.


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