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20 Unusual And Interesting Looking Ties

Pouring Beer Necktie
Pouring Beer Necktie

Keyboard Tie:
Keyboard TieSpace Invaderstie:
Space InvaderstieEye Chart Tie:
Eye Chart TieFoot Long Hotdog Tie:
Foot Long Hotdog TieBinary Code Tie:
Binary Code TieCrossword Puzzle Black White Necktie:
Crossword Puzzle Black White NecktieNew York Taxi Cab Shaped Tie:
New York Taxi Cab Shaped TieScene Tie:
Scene TieMoons Surface Tie:
Moons Surface Tie8 Bit Tie:
8 Bit TieKingofhearts Tie:
Kingofhearts TieZebra Print Tie:
Zebra Print TieMath Equations Silk Tie:
Math Equations Silk TieMenu Tie:
Menu TieUSB Tie:
USB TieAlways be ready to receive data!

Circuit Board Tie:
Circuit Board TieThe circuit board pattern is printed on the fabric, but the lights in this design are fully functional, and flash in a variety of patterns.

Earbuds Tie:
Earbuds TiePhotoshop Tie:
Photoshop TieSolar Powered Tie:
Solar Powered TieIt's an invention of Iowa State University, it has a pouch to hold on your gadget while it gets energized. 


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