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CD Holders

Do you have a bunch of CDs or DVDs lying on your desk? How about getting them organized and keep your music collection organized with these CD Holders!

Buy me CD holder:
Buy me CD holderBuy me CD holder, designed by Marián Laššák.

Human CD Holder:
Human cd holderHuman CD Holder comes in three options: Pushing Man, Lifting Man and Climbing Man.

Animals CD holder:
Animals CD holderThis CD organizer comes in three parts. Two end bookends feature designs that look like steering wheels that can be used to tighten things.

Beagle and Chihuahua CD Holder:
Beagle and Chihuahua CD HolderColorful Dice Shaped CD Holder:
Colorful Dice Shaped  Cd holderZig Zag CD Holder:
Zig Zag CD Holder (2) 1
Zig Zag CD Holder (2) 2The CD Holders feature human figurines that decorate the edge of the racks.

Snake CD holder:
snake CD holder:Groove CD holder:Groove CD holderPiano CD Holder:
Piano cd holder


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