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Cool Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an efficient choice to cool your home, and a great way to maximize the energy efficiency. They use much lesser electricity in comparison to the air-conditioning units, leading to cost savings!

Batman Fan: 
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 1This unique shaped blades move air just like any other traditional blade design fan. 

Creative Ceiling Fan:
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 2Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fans:
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 3Its an authenticated replica, a unique ceiling fan.

Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 4Unusual yet functional, belt-drive fan.

Air Shadow - Retracting Blade Ceiling Fan: 
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 5It's an advanced ceiling fan with a unique form that transforms once you switch off (fan blades automatically retract).

Traditional Gyro Ceiling Fans:
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 6Translucent Ceiling Fan: 
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 7The Artemis translucent ceiling fan is a "contemporary modern ceiling fan and light has cool curves that look fantastic and create excellent circulation".

Farreys' Ceiling Fan: 
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 8The site offers numerous unique ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories from more than a dozen popular ceiling fan manufacturers.

Contemporary Design: 
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 9"Designer Ron Rezek has combined mechanical simplification, geometric forms, and contemporary finishes in a collection of ceiling fans that are very unique."

Minka Aire: Contemporary - F803-MP:
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 10Blowceiling Fan:
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 11Fan with the light above its blades, designed by Ferdi Giardini.

Mandalay Bahama Beige Ceiling Fan: 
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 12With its palm-frond blades it looks just elegant.

Sycamore Ceiling Fan: 
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 13"Works Smarter, Not Harder".

Decorative Fan: 
Cool Ceiling Fans (15) 14No info is available about its make, it comes from Lavender Cake & Bistro, Jusco Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru. "It turns slow and windless, just for decoration purpose."


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