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Cool Sleeping Bag Designs

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag: The Tauntaun sleeping bag is a reality now; what started as a prank was turned into reality due to the intense demand from the Starwars fans. The sleeping bag looks just like a Tauntaun, it's quite a reminder of how Han Solo saved Luke from freezing climate by placing Luke inside the Tauntaun.

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Nyamuk Sleeping Bag: Creation of designer Leonie Bergmaier, it's a sleeping bag, a hammock and a tent, all in one. Made from super light polyester and the entire structure is supported by one pole which makes assembly quite easy.

Cool Sleeping Bag Designs (9) 3Cool Sleeping Bag Designs (9) 4The Great Sleeping Bear: Created by Eiko Ishizawa; the concept of 'The Great Sleeping Bear' is based on a true story of a bear in the Alps and the sleeping bag is a fictional representation of it.

Cool Sleeping Bag Designs (9) 5Cool Sleeping Bag Designs (9) 6Cool Sleeping Bag Designs (9) 7Lippi Selk Bag: This new sleeping bag system allows you the maximum mobility you need whilst keeping warm.

Cool Sleeping Bag Designs (9) 8AlpKit Pipedream 200 Sleeping Bag: The upper section is a simple sleeveless smock design which can be worn under or over a down jacket.

Cool Sleeping Bag Designs (9) 9


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