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Creative and Smart Shopping Bags

The most creative and smart shopping bag designs from around the world.

Slimming Bag: To illustrate the slimming benefits of their product, these shopping bags were given out to customers.

Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 1
Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 2

Vancouver Bag: These award winning bags feature cheeky headlines such as, "See ladies, I am sensitive" and "My other bag is in my SUV".

Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 3Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 4Lipton Shopping Bag: This smart shopping bag was designed to look like actual Lipton clear green tea bag.

Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 5Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 6Kong Shoe Bag: Handles of Kong's shopping bags makes the lace of thetrainer.

Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 7Ponytail Bags:

Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 8Some more shopping bags:
Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 9
Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 10Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 11Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 12Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 13-----------------------------
Umbrella Bag: We didn't want to miss this one. These umbrella bags were used to highlight the issue of shortage of drinking water and the reliance on rainwater in dry region,. When used these bags looked like the rain water was filling up the bucket, cup etc.

Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 14Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 15Creative and Smart Shopping Bags (18) 16
Volkswagen Golf GTI Shopping Bag: This was created to draw attention to the brand during the Paris Motor show. And as a result, many visitors used the bag during the whole time of the show, which increased the visibility of the Volkswagen and it drew more crowd in comparison to previous years.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 1Sandisk Shopping Bag: These huge bags were created to advertise the Sandisk 4GB camera cards. The concept was quite interesting: these bags had a message on the flap, "Space for 4000 photos". When the customers arrived at the photo kiosk, they were handed these huge bags designed to look like Sandisk 4GB camera cards, instead of the standard photo envelope. And the results are quite impressive, not only these bags drew huge attention to the product in-store but also it transformed customers into walking billboards promoting the company's photo processing service.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 2Index Living Mal l- Model Room Shopping Bags: This was created for August´08 catalogue for Index living mall, campaigns for Index condo set. "Instead of the typical catalogue, it's designed like a shopping bag. The different bag sizes representing the room spaces. With these "bags" the consumer can see the furniture and décor items fit in the condo space printed inside. The detachable items give the consumer the experience of designing their own space."

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 3Wolfsburg Shopping Bag: These bags were created to promote the "Champions Collection" merchandise; 2009 when the German footballclub Wolfsburg entered the record books and won their first Bundesliga title. These shopping bags were given out to the fans who purchased an item at the local fan shop, which reminded everyone that Wolfsburg is currently "holding" the German championship title.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 4Meralco's unplug to save shopping bags: Meralco, the Philippines' top supplier of electricity, created these shopping bags to educate the customers how electricity is used and how to read electricity bills. These bags combined Electric tips and information on how to save electricity and ways to practice smart electrical utilization.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 5P Shopping Bag: To promote an article in Pmagazine, 127,000 of these printed bags were distributed a few weeks before the edition was published. The black bags were designed to look like a traditional dress, so that when a book was dropped into it, the girl on the cover would appear to be wearing the traditional dress.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 6Heineken Shopping Bag: These were created from used materials from the Heineken billboards, and were sold on Heinekencity.com and also at boutiques. These became an instant fashion statement. The first batch of these bags was sold in only a few days. And the best part was that the customers became walking billboards for the product.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 7Carlsberg Shopping Bag: This one creates an optical illusion and makes an onlooker to think how the bag-owner can carry this bag in one hand with ease.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 8Magicstore's Shopping Bag: The Grey Group received an interesting task from their client (Magicstore) to create a bag of purchases for their shop. What they needed to create was something that is relevant, creative and impressive for the client's business. And the outcome was really impressive: though it looks like a normal bag with regular handles, but really the handles are made from transparent fishing line (Nylon), and when used, it gives an impression that the bag is moving on its own - apt for the products sold in the client's shop.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 9Clothes in Closets Shopping Bag: Leo Burnett Lisbon advertising agency gets the credit for this one.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 10Botanique Slimming Cream - Before/After Shopping Bag: This shopping bag was designed for the customers who would purchase the cream. The idea and concept is beautiful: to demonstrate the benefits of the products the dimensions of the paper bag were used. As a result some of the customers actually reused these paper bags to cart other items, which generated interest from friends and co-worker about the product.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 11Wheaties Shopping Bag: The six-pack abs bag is really a clever one. This one is sure to inspire you to get in shape, or inspire you to carry a bag in front of you wherever you go.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 12Reach out to the children Shopping Bag:

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 13Dreamfields Shopping Bag: These were created to show how some township kids still make soccer balls. These bags were kept in the Sunday newspapers with a detailed explanation. This helped in garnering financial support from corporate sector and the general public, and most importantly it served as a tangible reminder of the need for a change.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 14Give me your hand - Shopping Bag:
20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 15TBWA Shopping Bag: TBWA Philippines used reusable canvas instead of the usual plastic. During the holiday season these were given out to their employees and industry partners. The printed designs served as a reminder to think green.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 16Meridian Spa Health Shopping Bag : 
20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20 17Karl Lagerfeld Shopping Bag: Karl Lagerfeld designed this shopping bag.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 18Olympic Games Shopping Bag: T Ma designed this paper carrier bag for Olympic Games.

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 19Some more shopping bags:

20 Smart Shopping Bag Designs (20) 20

Advertisements Using Creative Bags (10) 1

Advertisements Using Creative Bags (10) 2

Advertisements Using Creative Bags (10) 3
Advertisements Using Creative Bags (10) 4
Advertisements Using Creative Bags (10) 6

Advertisements Using Creative Bags (10) 7

Here we got another interesting advertising bag: 
Advertisements Using Creative Bags (10) 8

Stop'n Grow Advertising Bag: A German product which actually gets one away from nail biting.

Advertisements Using Creative Bags (10) 9

Advertisements Using Creative Bags (10) 10


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