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Drinking Straws: Who Says These Are Just For Drinking!

Publicis's Nestea Drinking Straw Sculpture: Created by Publicis Argentina for Nestea. It was part of the advertising campaign with slogan "Eres lo que tomas," or "You are what you drink."

Drinking Straws creations (25) 1

Alesina's 1000 & 1 Straw Lamp: Created using 1000 drinking straws, arranged around an inverted soda bottle. Looks beautiful.

Drinking Straws creations (25) 2Annie Varnot's Drinking Straw Sculptures: Brooklyn based artist Annie Boyden Varnot creates these amazing sculptures using drinking straws.

Drinking Straws creations (25) 3Drinking Straws creations (25) 4Leisa Rich's Installation: It took 7,000 drinking straws, 300 yards of felt and 15 months of work for Leisa Rich to create her innovative installation.

Drinking Straws creations (25) 5Drinking Straws creations (25) 6T Donovan's Drinking Straws Sculpture : T Donovan, a sculptor and installation artist, is known for her work with everyday manufactured materials such as Styrofoam cups, Scotch tape, and drinking straws to create large scale sculptures.

Drinking Straws creations (25) 7Promise Design's Straws Furniture: These beautiful pieces of furniture are made of drinking straws!

Drinking Straws creations (25) 8Padlab's Flexicomb Lamps: Creation of designer/architects D Gottlieb and P Herscovitch of Padlab, it consists of numerous drinking straws, packed into a honeycomb to make a beautiful pendant.

Drinking Straws creations (25) 9Drinking Straw Floor Lamp: A floor lamp decorated with multi-colored drinking straws!

Drinking Straws creations (25) 10Drinking Straw Table Lamp: The concept behind this straw table lamp is quite interesting: to bring the light through the straws creating a beautiful effect.

Drinking Straws creations (25) 11Drinking Straws creations (25) 12Straw Light Fixture: Impressive to look and quite simple to make.

Drinking Straws creations (25) 13Drinking Straw Pendant Light: The contemporary drinking straw pendant light can be a great addition to a bedroom or even a recreation room.

Drinking Straws creations (25) 14Clutch Chair: Designer Scott Jarvie designed this Clutch Chair using 10,000 drinking plastic straws. This chair is made entirely out of drinking straws.

Drinking Straws creations (25) 15Drinking Straws creations (25) 16Clutch Light: Designer Scott Jarvie using the same materials created this Clutch Light. This beautiful lamp is made of hundreds of drinking straws.

Drinking Straws creations (25) 17Horn From a Drinking Straw: How about making a cool horn out of a drinking straw?

Drinking Straw Jewelry:

Drinking Straws creations (25) 18
Drinking Straws creations (25) 19
Drinking Straw Artwork:
Drinking Straws creations (25) 20
Drinking Straws creations (25) 21Drinking Straws creations (25) 22
Drinking Straws creations (25) 23Drinking Straws creations (25) 24
Drinking Straws creations (25) 25


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