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Some Cool Pencil Sharpeners

Usually pencil sharpeners go unnoticed and has no much importance attached to them, they are just part of office supplies and stationary. But if you wish to change it, here are a few options that are sure to attract attention and make the needed difference.

Glass Pencil Sharpener: It's shaped like a globe, made of two parts, the top one has the sharpener while the lower one stores the pencil shavings with space left between stand and the bottom half.

Glass Pencil Sharpener

Multiple Pencil Sharpener: With this one you sharpen all the odd sizes pencils around.

Multiple Pencil SharpenerTriceratops Pencil Sharpener: This one has a pencil sharpener located on its belly and a built-in reservoir for holding pencil shavings that can be emptied by simply opening his head. Apart from this it's a classic wind-up toy that can serve as a decorative item.

Triceratops Pencil SharpenerWooden Ipod Mini Speaker With Integral Pencil Sharpener: This mini external speaker for iPods comes with an integral pencil sharpener.

Speaker With Integral Pencil SharpenerCNC Lathe Pencil Sharpener:

Clip-On Pencil Sharpener: The clip-on pencil sharpener is specially designed for carpenters, commercial and residential contractors, home remodelers, woodworkers and handymen. It can be put on their tool belt. This pencil sharpener is for both standard pencils and carpenter pencils.

Clip-On Pencil SharpenerPencil Sharpener Ring: Designed by Ignacio Pilotto.

Pencil Sharpener RingNose Pencil Sharpener:
Nose Pencil SharpenerOne Metal Piece Pencil Sharpener: This pencil sharpener is made of one metal piece, designed by the designer Sandip.

One Metal Piece Pencil SharpenerDoll Pencil Sharpener:
Doll Pencil SharpenerPup Pencil Sharpener:
Pup Pencil SharpenerRobot Pencil Sharpener:
Robot Pencil SharpenerNibble The Pencil Sharpener: 
Nibble The Pencil SharpenerPencil Shaped Pencil Sharpener: Cover can be removed of this unique shaped sharpener to empty the pencil shavings.

Pencil Shaped Pencil SharpenerRobot Dog Pencil Sharpener:
Robot Dog Pencil SharpenerToilet Pencil Sharpener:
Toilet Pencil SharpenerCart Pencil Sharpener: 
Cart Pencil SharpenerLantern pencil sharpener:
Lantern pencil sharpenerTower Bridge Pencil Sharpener:
Tower Bridge Pencil Sharpener


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