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Justin Bieber New Tattoo meaning JESUS

Justin Bieber has new ink! The 17-year-old star showed off a new tattoo while with his girlfriend in Maui Monday. Apparently the tat reads "Jesus" in Hebrew, down the left side of his chest in small black writing.
It's unclear where and when he got the fresh ink, but perhaps it was on his trip to Israel recently. 
(Maybe the age requirement for a tattoo is lower there?) The tattoo is Bieb's second -- he also has a small outline of a bird on his left hip, to match his dad's.The tattoo was visible as he and Selena Gomez made their way to the water yesterday in Maui. The two jetted off to the island after their Sunday night Billboard Music Awards appearance, where they also shared a smooch! Selena doesn't have any tattoos, that we're aware of. 


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