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Merchandise of Dead Osama Bin Laden

There's so many creative way to celebrate Osama bin laden death. the retailers are trying to get rich selling dead Osama Bin Laden merchandise. They have come up with anything and everything that you can imagine. They made a T-Shirt, Mug, Posters and many merchandise about the death of Osama bin Laden. Until now the news about osama bin laden still attract many people.The World's
Most Wanted Terrorist Osama bin Laden
killed on 1st may 2011 in Abbotabad 30km from Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan. There's only one question in my mind now, why the US Goverment didn't release the photo of osama bin laden corpse? Did anybody know the reason? Does it mean that osama bin laden is still alive? and the news about his death was only a lie?Well let's forget about that, and take a look into this death osama bin laden merchandise. Which one attracts you the most?


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