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Miracle Baby Born Outside Of Womb + video

Doctors warned 27-year-old Nicky Soto that if she continued with the ectopic pregnancy she was risking her own life as well as the child's. But according to MSNBC, she decided to go forward.

Azelan Cruz Perfecto came into the world Monday through Ceasarian section Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Having decided to go forward with the pregnancy, Soto has been in the hospital since March as doctors closely monitored her progress. She also has a 7-year-old son, and was concerned as to what would happen to him if she didn't make it.

The news show reports the pregnancy was so rare, doctors aren't even sure if a baby has ever been delivered following a case like this."Our biggest concern was what it would be attached to and where the blood supply came from," Dr. Curtis Cook, Soto's surgeon, tells "Today."

Dr. William Clewell, who was also involved in the case, tells the Phoenix CBS affiliate no one at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital had ever seen anything like this."And in checking the literature, we weren't able to turn up any cases comparable," he tells the station.

According to the news show, the C-section birth at 32 weeks went off as planned May 23, and although Azlen was born eight weeks early, the boy is doing great.


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