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10 Biggest Volcanic Eruptions Ever

Calamity of nature can happen anywhere anytime. Volcanic eruption is another dangerous form of natural calamity or disaster. It can be really destructive specially if not informed in time. Here we have made a list of top 10 most dangerous volcanic eruptions ever.

1. Thera, Greece(1600 B.C)

Thera was hit by one of the most powerful earthquakes in the human history. The power of the earthquake was equal to almost 30 hydrogenbombs. Minoan civilization suffered a great loss due to this earthquake; somehistorians also believe that this earthquake was the major cause for the decline of Minoan civilization.

2. Mount Etna, Italy(1669)

Mount Etna is located in Sicily (Italy), and in the year 1669, this place was hit by a major earthquake. About 40 towns were destroyed and 40,000 people lost their lives.

3. Tambora,Indonesia(1815)

Almost 10,000 people died in Tambora due to the Earthquake in the year 1815. The ashes formed due to eruptions, destroyed vegetation and caused widespread famines. The earthquake was so powerful that the temperature of the world was dropped by 0.3 degrees, this caused floods and famine in the nearby areas, with the death poll rising to almost 90,000.

4. Krakatoa,Indonesia(1883)

The entire island of Krakatoa was wiped out in this earthquake. About 36,000 people died, the repercussions were even felt in Europe.

5. Mount Pelee,Martinique(1902)

The city of Saint Piree was wiped off the surface of earth, about30,000 people died in this terrifying earthquake.

6. Mount St. Helen, Washington(1980)

57 people died in this devastating earthquake and caused a loss of about 3 billion dollars to American Government.

7. Katmai,Alaska(1912)

Most of the researchers believe that: Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes' was formed due to the earthquake that hit Katmai in 1912. There wasn't any life loss because it is a remote place and no one lives there.

8. Pinatubo, Philippines(1991)

800 people were killed in this earthquake; however the death toll might be higher because eruption not been predicted on the days preceding it.

9. Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland (2010)

The eruption occurred recently, there was no life loss; however there was a tremendous loss to the airspace companies, as they were almost completely shut down for many days.

10. Percutin, Mexico(1943)

The whole city (Percutin) was destroyed in this earthquake, but the most amazing thing is that only three people died. However, the farming sector suffered a great loss as many animals died, it is said that 4,000 farm animalsand 500 horses died by breathing in the volcanic ash.


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