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10 Unusual and Creative Doors

Collection of modern doors and creative door designs that will spice up your home and surprise your guests.

Sliding Glass Door

This beautiful sliding glass door will look great in any home or office. 

Staircase Hidden Door

Always remember that a thief can’t burglarize a room he can’t find. 

Chalkboard Door

Magnetic chalkboard doors are prefect for families on the go. Children can create original works of art directly on the door itself and parents will like it as a place to post grocery and to-do lists. 

Two Way Door

Innovative ERGON door mounting system allows the door to be opened in both directions. 

Futuristic Door

Maxdoor front door by Nódesign requires remote control instead of a key and comes with an LED display that shows apartment numbers directly on the door. 

Ping Pong Door

Designed by Tobias Fränzel, this cool door turns into a ping pong table when needed. 

Light + Air Door

The series of holes in the door can be opened and closed by sliding the knob that adjusts the amount of light and air that gets in the room. 

Shattering Door

Amazing door design by Leandro Erlich from Argentina. 

Moving Walls Door

Contemporary moving wall / door design by Lotty Lindeman. 

3 in 1 Door

UK design group Slam has designed the world’s first 3-in-1 door. 


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