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12 Cool and Unusual Calculators

The most creative and innovative calculator designs from all over the world.

LEGO Calculator

Flash back to your inner architect with this LEGO inspired calculator. 

Water Powered Calculator

Hydro calculator features water powered batteries that produce electricity through a chemical reaction. 

Keyboard Calculator

Modern calculator comes with an USB connector that allows it to be used with a computer for entering calculations. 

Mouse Calculator

Unique computer mouse from Ezkey comes with built-in keypad. 

Credit Card Calculator

Slim calculator looks like a credit card with raised numeric keys. 

Hopscotch Calculator

Clever electronic calculator inspired by a popular children’s game. 

Bamboo Calculator

Stylish desktop calculator with dual power (solar energy + battery). 

Transparent Calculator

Beautiful solar powered calculator with thin transparent design. 

X-Cool Calculator

Video game controller inspired design makes calculating more fun. 

Ruler Calculator

Useful ruler comes with integrated digital clock and calculator. 

Flexible Calculator

Have a little fun during serious calculations with flexible calculator. 

Chocolate Bar Calculator

Choc-U-Lator looks and even smells like a real bar of chocolate.


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