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12 Unusual and Creative Boats

Collection of the world’s most innovative, unique, and creative boat designs.

Transparent Boat

See the world below you with remarkable clarity in this cool boat. 

Guitar Boat

This unusual boat is a giant replica of Josh Pyke’s acoustic guitar. 

Sofa Boat

Comfortable sofa placed on a motor powered floating platform. 

Blue Boat

Stylish speedboat designed by French artist Xavier Veilhan. 

Zipper Boat

Awesome boat crafted by talented Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki. 

Solar Powered Boat

World’s largest solar powered boat with 5,000 sq. ft. of solar panels. 

Ice Boat

Innovative boat designed to run over ice instead of through water.

Paper Boat

Life size paper boat created by Frank Boelter from Germany. 

Whale Boat

Moby The Whale boat designed by Tom McClean from Scotland. 

Model Kit Boat

Real boat transformed into a model of itself by Michael Johansson. 

Wooden Ferrari Boat

Livio De Marchi sculpted a full size Ferrari F50 boat out of wood. 

Elliptical Boat

Human powered elliptical boat allows you to “walk on water”.


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