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14 Creative and Unusual Beds

Unique and innovative beds that will help you relax at the end of the day.

Car Bed

Modern bed created out of recycled car parts for V8 Hotel. 

Vertical Bed

Unusual bed from Ernesto Neto allows you to sleep standing up.

Nest Bed

Awesome bed designed to be as comfortable and cozy as a nest. 

Bookcase Bed

Karen Babel has designed a bed that hides between bookshelves.

Safety Bed

Weird bed locks you into place to make sure that you do not move. 

Grass Bed

Nature inspired bed for people that like to sleep in their garden. 

Earthquake Proof Bed

Wang Wenxi from China has designed an earthquake proof bed. 

Phi-ton Bed

Adjusts to unique desires and physical characteristics of every user. 

Foldable Bed

Innovative bed made of fiberglass reinforced plastic tubes can fold and adjust to different mattress sizes. 

Floating Bed

Supported by one foot in the middle to creates the floating illusion.

Ice Bed

Cool bed carved out of ice is located inside Ice Hotel in Sweden. 

Fetal Position Bed

Creative bed designed for people that do not move when they sleep. 

Glass Bed

Stylish bed designed by Italian manufacturer Santambrogio Milano. 

Hammock Bed

This cool suspended bed will spice up any contemporary bedroom. 


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