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17 Cool and Unusual Bike Racks

Car Shaped Bike Rack

Clever bike rack acts as a barrier that protects bicycles from cars. 

Bench Bike Rack

Creative park bench designed to also be used as a bicycle rack. 

Toblerone Bike Rack

Bike Hanger

Vertical bike storage system designed to be installed on the sides of the buildings in alleys instead of sidewalks.

Creative Bike Racks

Unusual bicycle stands in New York designed by David Byrne. 

Elevacion Bike Rack

Circular bicycle rack designed by Adeline Thong from Singapore. 

Bike Vault

Unique bike parking in the historic building in downtown Portland. 

Wall Bike Rack

Bedford Avenue bike rack allows you to hang your bike on the wall. 

Flower Bike Rack

Beautiful nature inspired bike rack designed to look like a flower. 

Bike Hangar

Provides safe and dry storage space for up to five bicycles. 

Bicycle Rack

Fun and creative bike rack designed to look like a bicycle. 

Table Bike Rack

PIT IN table allows you to take a coffee break and check your email. 

Comb Bike Rack

Unique bike rack in Roanoke, Virginia looks like a giant hair comb. 

Bike Arc

Modern bike rack offers secure weather protection for your bicycle. 


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