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The cowering inferno: motorist kills cow and causes fire

A motorist killed a cow before accidentally setting fire to its cowshed – only for the building to extinguish ITSELF in a bizarre chain of events.

The unfortunate driver was travelling through a dark country lane when, out of nowhere, a black Friesian stepped into the road.
With no time to react the motorist hit the cow which peeled the bonnet back and smashed the windscreen before rolling over the roof of the vehicle.
The driver then lost control of his car and collided with a power line, causing a surge at the nearby farmer’s home and blowing up the meter board for the nearby cowshed.
This set the cowshed alight but the intense heat generated from the blaze melted a water pipe – putting the blaze out.
Fortunately the motorist suffered only minor injuries following the incident in Kaponga, New Zealand but the cow was killed in the crash.
Fire chief Jason Hurley said: ”If the fire was not extinguished in the freak series of events, the cowshed, hidden behind a hedge from the road, would have been well ablaze before it was noticed.”


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