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The Oldest Hotel in the World

If you are looking where is the oldest in the world, the answer is not in United States, England, French, Italy, Greece, China, or Italy. The world`s oldest hotelin the world is located in Japan. The real location is at The Awazu Onsen area of Komatsu, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan.

The name of the Hotel is Hoshi and it is a popular Ryokan (Japanese Traditional Hostel) before the time of Shogun in1800s. Beside recorded as the oldest hotel in the world, it is also recorded as the oldest operating hotel/company in the world by Guinness world`s of Records after it was liquidated by Kongo Gumi in 2006.

The Oldest Hotel

The hotel was founded in year 718. The hotel is older than any hotel in the face of the planet and some of the hotel`s complex remain unchanged since its first time construction. At this time, the hotel is modernized and equipped by modern accommodations. I am sure you will love to spend at least one night in this place.

Next are the pictures of different corners of the hotel. Enjoy

The room

The food

Indoor Spa

The Bridge


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