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Presidential erection: Man busted for selling Obama-themed condoms

A street trader has been arrested for selling Barack Obama-themed – CONDOMS.

The presidential sheaths were being flogged on the streets of New York by enterprising José Andújar.
But police busted the Puerto Rican businessman, 43, for unlicensed selling – his third arrest this year.
Andújar’s arrest comes after a State Supreme Court ruled his condoms were protected by the American First Amendment – the right to free speech.
The Court ruled that Andújar could sell the $5 prophylactics, which he describes as the ”ultimate stimulus package”, without a license like the city’s street booksellers.
Obama Condoms, which Andújar claims can ”make you feel like the First Lady all the time”, are one of three similarly branded products.
He also sells ‘Old but not expired’ John McCain condoms and ‘When abortion is not an option’ Sarah Palin sheaths.


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