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Top 10 Biggest Political Problems in the World

No one can deny of the existing problems that the world is facing generally. Every President, King, Monarch, or Prime Minister serves as a tool to consolidate solutions and to lighten the load of its subjects. Some of the challenges that many nations has faced are related to economics, society, demographics, and financial aspects. Here are the longest and recurrent issues that the world is encountering as we speak.

10. Terrorism

Who would ever forget the 9/11 attack that killed thousands of lives and left traumatic experiences to those survivors of that cowardly act from the Al Qaeda. People were happy and rejoicing when news came online and even in local newspapers that Osama Bin Laden was found dead during the encounter of US armies, which was confirmed by US President Barrack Obama. Despite of his death however, terrorism is far from being over.

9. Unfulfilled Political Agenda

Whenever election campaigns are on the go, we would always hear specific candidates vouching for certain leadership positions that they would do something for the betterment of economy, education, employment and all other matters that would entice people to believe them and vote them. There were some who did fulfill their commitments but the majority does not, which makes people lose their confidence with those sitting in government.

8. Health Care

Health is wealth but unfortunately, as much as we want to avoid any forms of sicknesses and even symptoms of it, we would feel the weakening effects of it not just physically but monetarily speaking. It is inevitably important to have a secured health care service, but with the limitation of coverage and costs, most of the people who receives ample or minimal wage income earners are just availing what they can afford based on their budget and compensation. What is really wrong? Is it about the government or the health care providers?

7. Territorial Boundaries

All of us have seen and read the historical impact of territorial invasion of some countries that have power, authority, and resources to get beyond their national area of responsibility. There are still territorial clashes and claims, which are now in the limelight these days. China and the Philippines are both sharing theirstories and sentiments about the Spratly Islands. They have their troops ready on targets and recently, Hilary Clinton expressed their support to the Philippines in this fight. We do not know yet what would happen with this decade of debate of who really owns it.

6. Budget Deficit

Many nations would like to put an end on certain problems that can be resolved with the use of funds and financial resources. However, they often find themselves not accomplishing anything at all due to the deficit in the budget, before it is actually used for certain projects and developments. It has always been a question where the money is, and how it was used, or why the allotted budget has been depleted even before getting their hands on it.

5. Unrighteous Leadership

It has already been a lesson throughout history that political leaders should give a fair chance for other capable and worthy individuals to take the responsibility of rearing and caring for the country they love. Some may stay in power for too long that it is actually becoming too suspicious of why they would like to sit on that high chair for quite awhile.

4. Lack of Quality Education

Education is considered one of the most vital elements for a country to create its next generation of leaders such as future presidents and other government officials, which will come from the group of children or young men and women. If they would not have access to quality education in their respective communities, they will find it hard to write letters and speeches that would address certain problems, even more, applying knowledge that will make a certain country become competitive in the world market.

3. Rising Unemployment Rate

Due to difficulties with worldwide trade and the effects of fluctuation in so many businesses, some companies would have to resort to retrenchment just tosustain their operational expenses and save the company, while losing a few employees. These certain dilemma affects not just employees, but also the country in general, as its taxes are taken from the people who work and the corporations that gain profit from the exchange. The higher the unemployment rate, the lower the chances a country will rise from the economic ashes.

2. Poverty

Countries that mostly belong in the African continent are on the verge of slow and gradual economic growth with questions of how they will have ample resources and information to help its people progress and improve as a community and as a nation. With GDP that is less than $1000, it can be a question of how to give assistance that will assure everyone's future.

1. Corruption

Corruption is described as the use of the country's resources for the gain and benefit of an individual in acquiring assets. Based on the description alone, we can already pinpoint people who are on positions that have increased their financial portfolios during and after their service. These people are the very reasons why there are budget deficits, poverty, and lack of quality education. 


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