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A video ow! Seattle man suspended by hooks from hot-air balloon

Be suspended by hooks attached to your skin from a hot-air balloon. Then fly for 75 minutes at 11,000 feet.
Portland TV station KATU says that was done over the weekend to a 34-year-old Seattle man, Zane Whitmore. He was pierced four times across the shoulder blades, then lifted over the Long Valley Caldera in California on Saturday.

“I felt like I was flying,” Whitmore said in the press release. “It was amazing to have a perspective on a landscape that no one has had before. As I drifted down low I was struck by the movement I saw on the ground, by how much life exists in the desert. It was actually a very peaceful experience.”
The filming was for a documentary, “Feet Off the Ground.”
The TV station reported:
“This balloon suspension is really the culmination of several years of immersing ourselves in the body modification and suspension communities,” Matt Morgan, co-founder of film production company Precarious Egg and one of the producers of the film, said in a press release describing the project.
“People inside this community are frequently misrepresented, with the media typically going for the shock value,” said Sean Devine, also a co-founder of Precarious Egg and one of the film’s producers. “The film is set largely in beautiful natural locations with the intention of exploring what else is there, to look beyond the shock value. The irony of this event is that the shock value is there — suspending from a balloon thousands of feet in the air — but we hope that the scenic beauty of the spectacle will soften what’s often seen as something brutal, as well as encourage people to watch the whole film, to see the true community of suspension.”
Judge for yourself from this video clip. Remember before you view, we’re talking man suspended by hooks in his skin here.


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