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Wendo house: cottage looks like Wallace and Gromit character

This bright pink thatched cottage is causing quite a stir in a picture postcard village due to it’s striking resemblance — to Wallace and Gromit character Wendolene Ramsbottom.

Stunned motorist Dave Rogers spotted the doppelganger as he travelled through Combeinteignhead, Devon, and had to stop to take a photograph.
Dave, a fan of Nick Park’s Oscar winning feature A Close Shave, immediately spotted the likeness between the house and wool shop owner Wendolene.
The light brown thatched roof is said to resemble Wendolene’s hair, the eyes are the windows and front door her wide mouth.
Dave, 49, said: ”It was uncanny. I burst out laughing. I was with my wife and she asked what was so funny, I told her and she had a chuckle too.”

Landlord Jerry English, who run the Wild Goose Inn in Combeinteignhead said: ”It’s a beautiful house, just like the character it resembles.
”I must have looked at half a dozen times a day – but never noticed the resemblance until now. It’s amazing.”
In the film, Wendolene is a kind woman who runs a wool shop with her evil rottweiler hound Preston.
She soon falls in love with Wallace, and the pair strike up a relationship despite her dislike of cheese.


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