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34-year-old Brit mum wakes up aged 15

London, July 29 (ANI): A mother-of-one living in England woke up thinking she was just 15 years old after being struck by a rare form of amnesia.

Collection of very funny html jokes

World Record Connect the Dots: Mona Lisa in 6,239 Dots

Food Inspired Jewelry

Creative food shaped necklaces, rings, and earrings made by Shay Aaron.

Bicycle Safety Lighting System

Innovative bicycle lighting system created by Ethan Frier and Jonathan Ota promises to increase the visual presence of cyclists at night.

3D Art Made of Clay

Spanish artist Irma Gruenholz creates unique three-dimensional illustrations out of plasticine modelling clay.

Seashell House

Creative house shaped like a giant shell is located on the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres, just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico.

10 Musicians Gone Broke

Billy Joel
Billy Joel is one of the most successful recording artists of all time, but that hasn’t exempted him from financial difficulties, and he has declared bankruptcy not just once but multiple times. In the most famous instance, his former manager, Frank Weber, siphoned $30 million from him for personal loans and dicey business investments, none of which Joel was aware of until an audit took place years after the fact. 
The singer filed for bankruptcy, but he had lost more than just a very large sum of money. Weber had been Joel’s brother-in-law, and he is also godfather to Joel’s daughter Alexa. However, the singer didn’t let sentimentality get in his way, and he sued Weber for $90 million for fraud and misappropriation of funds.

30 Creative and Cool Ice Cube Trays

 30 Creative and Cool Ice Cube Trays (30) 1

Special Effects Photography by Thomas Herbrich

"Surprise yourself and your audience!” That's the mantra of Thomas Herbrich, photographer and photo manipulating extraordinaire. With a client list that includes BMW, Mercedes Benz, Sony, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ikea and Lego, this professional is sought after for making brands come alive. More than that, he takes photos more or less the same way an artist paints a picture or a filmmaker adds special effects: with an endless amount of imagination. His spectacular scenes are meant to look realistic but always incorporate a strange twist.

Rubik’s Mirror

This mirrored Rubik’s cube is a new piece by artist Egil Paulsen out of Oslo, Norway. I have a feeling this would actually be pretty mesmerizing to fiddle with.

Unique and Creative Business Cards

Creative business cards designed by talented people from all over the world.

Woman never feels hunger or thirst after not eating or drinking for 15 YEARS

A woman told today how she never feels hunger or thirst after she was unable to eat or drink for 15 years because of a rare condition.

15 Creative and Cool Bookmarks

Night Light Bookmark: This lamp designed for night reading shuts off automatically when covered with a book while at the same time it works as a very intuitive bookmark.

15 Creative and Cool Bookmark (15) 1

Cool Animations Creative Videographs

Japan's New Train Hayabusa Bullet Train

JAPAN has unveiled its latest high-speed bullet train — capable of travelling at nearly 200mph. 
The cutting-edge Hayabusa, or Falcon, pulls a luxury carriage modeled on airline business class. It made its official debut yesterday with a trip to northern Japan departing from Tokyo.

The green, pink and silver train is the fastest currently operating in Japan, travelling at speeds of 198mph.
Japan has built up a network of high-speed rail lines since the 1960s that criss-cross the island nation.
It now hopes to sell the technology abroad, including to the United States.
Mutsutake Otsuka, chairman of East Japan Railway Co, said: "To the best of our ability, we will strive to improve Hayabusa's passenger comfort, safety and environmental friendliness, not just its speed."
More than 1,000 train spotters crowded on to the platform at Tokyo's central railway station to see the futuristic train leave./span>
It can make the 420mile trip to Aomori in just over three hours.
Passengers will glide quietly along the straight stretches and tunnels that cut through Japan's mountainous countryside.
And those willing to pay 26,360yen (£196) for a one-way trip can enjoy the comfort of a Gran Class car, where a cabin attendant will serve them food and drinks in their deeply reclining leather seats on thick woolen carpets.

Graffiti Street Art by MTO

MTO, a graffiti and street-art artist from Berlin (DE) creates spectacular grayscale murals of pop culture icons. If you are in Berlin don’t miss the chance to see some works in real. For that MTO has made a map of his spots.

Submarine Enthusiast Converts Small Barge into U-Boat Replica

Richard Williams may be 51 years old, but he still has the dreams of a young boy. Sure, he’s not the only one, but unlike others he set out to fulfill them. I guess it’s true what they say, better late than never.
As a child, Richard was a big Star Trek fan, but never got the chance to be on the bridge of the Enterprise, so ten years ago he converted one of the rooms in his apartment into the bridge of the iconic spaceship. It wasn’t the best Star Trek replica ever created, but it made our man happy. “Every boy wants a spaceship, but I got to 40 before I could have mine”, he says, but that’s not the only childhood dream he managed to fulfill. The idea for his U-boat replica, came around his 50th birthday, when his father bought him a barge, so he could enjoy life at a more relaxed pace. But as soon as he laid eyes on it, the former mobility scooter salesman began devising a plan to turn it into something more exciting.
At first, he wanted to transform his barge into The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, but after he finished converting the hull, he learned the specialist yellow paint would cost him £4,000 ($6,500), so he settled for black, which was considerably cheaper. When it was finished, his wife Laurel said it looked a lot like a German U-boat, and since he had always been interested in naval history, he decided to take it to the next level. With the help of a company that supplies props for the Star Wars and James Bond movies, Richard Williams decided to turn his U-boat into a floating museum.

German Fashion Designer Creates Clothes from Milk

Yes, that white stuff cows make. Anke Domaske, a German fashion designer/microbiologist, has found a way to create a special fiber from milk and use it to make fashionable eco-clothes.
The 28-year-old designer realized there’s more to milk than meets the eye, and since she’s always had a thing for science, she and her team spent years experimenting with turning it into eco-thread. It was a lot like experimenting ingredients you have in your cupboard, only in this case the result was truly revolutionary. They came up with a special mixture  containing a protein derived from sour milk, which is processed in a lab, near the German city of Brehmen. It’s heated up and pressed through a kind of mincing machine to create the threads. And the best thing is the milk used is low grade and would normally be thrown away.
But how does a fashion designer come up with a complicated formula for creating bio thread from milk? Anke Domaske learned to make clothes as a child, from her great grandmother, a milliner, but she also had a passion for science and even won a contest for up-and-coming scientists, as a teenager. After she finished school she went to Tokyo, Japan, where she sold t-shirts she designed herself. On her return home she began studying microbiology and set-up her own fashion label on the side. In short she managed to balance her two greatest interests and the result is astonishing.

Sweet Meat Desserts by Jasmin Schuller

They might look good enough to eat, but Jasmin Schuller’s desserts aren’t at all what they seem. The artist made them using weird ingredients like meat scraps, blood and grease.
Austrian artist and photographer Jasmin Schuller proves you don’t unnecessarily need image processing software like Photoshop to put consumer perception to the test. For her Sweat Meat series of so-called desserts, all it took was outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail.  She used plenty of meat scraps, two liters of blood, a bucket of animals grease and five kilos of raw meat, and processed them all into mouth-watering treats. For example, that ice-cream sundae is made from various minced meats, covered in “delicious” grease cream, and topped with a cherry carved from a pig’s heart. The cherry syrup is actually blood.
Although only cannibals would find Jasmin’s Sweat Meat truly delicious, the photos she took look so delicious I bet they’d even tempt vegetarians.

Incredible Anatomical Sculptures by Maskull Lasserre

Duckling stays alive thanks to a MIRROR

A lonely duckling separated from its family at birth has been saved thanks to a mirror – which has become its only friend.

Lovesick seal jumps over metal fence

This amazing CCTV footage captures the moment a lovesick seal hoisted her 14 stone frame over a metal fence – to be with her new love.

Let Miaowt: Kitten stuck in a washing machine for 50 minutes

This cute eight-week-old kitten has already used up one of her nine lives – after surviving an hour-long cycle in a washing machine.

Two men suspended from work after being accused of wolf-whistling at woman

Two builders were suspended from work on a £400,000 council development after a man accused them of wolf-whistling at his wife.

30 Creative Salt and Pepper Shakers

Koziol - Salt & Pepper Shakers:

30 Creative Salt and Pepper Shakers (30) 1

Anatomy Toys by Jason Freeny

New York digital artist and “plastic surgeon” Jason Freeny is a mad scientist. Using Super Sculpey and his imagination, Freeny explores the hypothetical innards of iconic toys with incredible detail. His one of a kind creations are quickly snatched up for around a thousand dollars on Ebay. Exploring anatomy in his sculptures and illustrations since 2000, Freeny has been dissecting toys for the last year. I’m head over heels in love with the effect of adorable and macabre produced by these toys. They’re extremely creepy cute!

Chinese School for Gold Diggers Proves Big Hit

Why bother building a successful career, when you can just marry yourself a rich guy that will pamper and take care of you, forever? A Chinese school, ironically named the Beijing Moral Education Center for Women, claims it can teach single ladies how to get their hands on a billionaire. I know, it sounds like new you’d expect to read on The Onion, but this one’s for real, folks.
According to a popular Chinese saying “Marriage is a career. A good marriage is the most successful career for a woman”. So, considering many Chinese women rate a marriage by how rich the husband is, it comes as no surprise that the courses offered by the Beijing Moral Education Center for Women have been pretty popular. Since the school first opened its gates, in August 2010, over 3,000 students, aged between 21 and 36 have attended its courses, hoping to find Mr Rich Right. Most of them are middle class women who can apparently afford to pay around 20,000 yuan ($3,100) for 10 to 30 husband-hunting classes.
But what does a gold-digger study at one of these schools, you ask? Well, instead of acquiring skills that would help them make a living, these young ladies study the art of being charming. Teachers at the Beijing Moral Education Center for Women are all top-class professionals in their fields; for example, one of them is a Beijing Radio host, and he teaches the girls how to speak with a soft and charming voice. Others teach the art of applying the perfect make-up, and tea-pouring techniques, in short everything a Chinese woman has to know in order to snag a rich husband.

Thai Artist Builds Functional Alien-Predator-Themed Motorcycle

What if an Alien and a Predator decided to put aside their differences and have a baby? It sounds crazy, I know, but I’m guessing that’s what Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn had in mind when he built this mad-looking motorcycle.
Roongrojna is a Bangkok-based artist who creates all kinds of awesome metal sculptures, based on popular monsters, using discarded parts from cars, motorcycles and bicycles. The 54-year-old owns four shops across Thailand, called Ko Art Shop, and exports his works of art all over the world.
You’ve probably seen more impressive Hollywood movie props, but unlike those, this impressive piece of metal work is actually rideable. I have no idea what bike this was initially, or how fast it is, but who needs speed when you’re riding a metal masterpiece like this, right? It’s hard to believe it was made exclusively from discarded metal parts…

Indonesia’s Laughing Cock Craze Is No Laughing Matter

Roosters being sold for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars might sound like a joke to you, but in many parts of Indonesia it’s very serious business.
They look like ordinary cocks, but it’s only when they start crowing that people realize just how special they really are. Instead of the normal “cock-a-doodle-do”, these birds make a sound similar to human laughter, which earned them the name “laughing cocks“. Trained and raised to make this special sounds, laughing cocks are source of pride for their owners, who feed them only the best foods, and pamper them with large, ornate cages. This breed of chicken originated in South Sulawesi, where it was known as ayam raja (king chicken), because only Burgis kings were allowed to breed them.
Nowadays, anyone who can afford is allowed to breed laughing cocks, and while they are very valuable, they’re also extremely sensitive. They have to be fed properly and their big cages have to be cleaned twice a day, because these birds tend to become ill very easily. But the high maintenance cost is easily covered by the profit of selling laughing cocks or winning regional laughing contests. A day old chick sells for Rp 100,000 ($12), while a 3-month old bird goes for Rp 300,000 ($36) to Rp 500,000 ($59). But it’s the mature laughing roosters that bring the most profit, as the price of a 9-month bird ranges between Rp 3 million ($354) and Rp 5 million ($590).

Companies Swapped Logos

An ongoing project by Graham Smith shows us what would happen if popular companies decided to swap logos with their competitors.
Brand Reversions were inspired by Honest Logos and Simplified Logos.

Workmen resurface road around parked car

This is the moment council workmen resurfaced a road and laid tarmac – around a PARKED CAR.

Bullied schoolgirl gets Marks & Spencer modelling deal

A schoolgirl who took up modelling after she was bullied about her appearance has landed a contract to model clothes for high street giant Marks & Spencer.

Mother covers 85 per cent of her body in tattoos

A respectable mother celebrated her divorce by asking her new boyfriend to cover her entire body – with a single TATTOO.

20 Creative and Cool Bookends

Tape Dispenser Bookends: A cool choice for limited desk space; the bottom plate is interchangeable on either side.

20 Creative and Cool Bookends (20) 1

Shapes of Flames by Pol Tergejst

I was always fascinated with the shape of flames. I often ask myself what are flames actually made of, what kind of material is that.

Pol Tergejst is an artist from Ekaterinburk, in Russia, who decided to play with fire, literally. He uses flame shapes to create some kind of flame-shape paintings, he composes different images of them. All this involves a lot of photographing.

Here you can see a small collection of his artworks where he tried to be creative and use the flames, burned matches, and smoke in order to create unique artworks.

Japanese Clone Factory Makes Creepy Lookalike Dolls of Its Clients

If you’ve always wanted to have yourself cloned, you’re probably going to have to wait a few more years, but in the meantime you can get a creepy doll that looks just like you, from the Clone Factory, in Japan.
Danny Choo, of Culture Japan visited the quirky Clone Factory, in Tokyo’s Akihabara district and decided to try out their services himself. Lucky for us, he also snapped some nice photos of the place and the making process of a miniature clone doll. The so-called cloning process begins with the subject sitting on a chair in a room surrounded by SLR cameras and lighting stands. After he/she has the proper pose, the cameras start triggering in a loop, taking photos from all possible angles. The photos are then transferred into a computer and a 3D model of the client’s head is rendered. Once that’s out of the way, it’s time for the actual doll-making.
This all happens in Japan, so, obviously, they have a high-tech printer that pretty much does all the work. All they have to do is connect it to the computer, insert a tray full of plaster powder and the printer creates the detailed model using layers of ink which harden in the plaster. When the tray comes out, it looks pretty much untouched, but once the excess plaster powder is removed, a creepy, smiling doll is revealed, and it looks so much like an actual person it’s not even funny.

Students Take Ice-Cream Making Courses at Italy’s Gelato University

I thought making ice-cream was pretty easy, but it seems that if you really want to get it right you have to take courses at the Gelato University, in Bologna, Italy.
Ice-cream making was one of the last thing I would have imagined required attending a university, but in reality thousands of students from all over the world study the art of making quality ice-cream at the Carpigiani Gelato University, in Bologna., every year. Gelato lovers, and entrepreneurs who want to learn the secrets of making great ice-cream and take it back to their homelands pay around €800 ($1,138) for a week of courses and accommodation at a nearby hotel. They attend technical lectures on traditional gelato-making techniques by veteran ice-cream makers, and take part in practical courses where they learn to use the world famous Carpigiani gelato machines.
Believe it or not, the Carpigiani Gelato University has been around for a long time, and as more people around the globe fall in love with the Italian gelato, it gets more students with each passing year. In 2011, the number of students has gone from 9,000 to 12,000 and for the first time in history, the number of foreign tourists has surpassed that of Italians.

Pretend Guitarists Compete at US Air Guitar Championships

22 of America’s best air-rockers gathered at Chicago’s legendary Metro, where they pulled out their best pretend-guitar-playing tricks, hoping to take home the title of US Air Guitar Champion.
Most people only practice air-guitar moves in the privacy of their own homes, away from prying eyes, while listening to their favorite rock song, but for the guys competing in the 2011 US Air Guitar Championships, it was all about putting on a show for others. And what they lacked in musical instruments they made up for in sheer craziness, performing the most outrageous air-guitar tricks, including the ever-popular drop to the knees, the behind-the-back and teeth picking.
The competition took place last weekend,and even though it featured air guitar legends like New York’s Airistotle, Washington’s Tommy Fretless or Tony Tapatio, from Portland, the title of US Air Guitar Champion went to local pretend musician Nordic Thunder. Also known as Justin Howard, the Chicago-based viking lookalike kick-started his air-guitar career five years ago, with a regional competition win. He suffered a ruptured disk in one of his hardcore performances, but has come back with a vengeance and has just proved he’s ready to take the pretend-guitar-playing world by storm.

Justin Bieber and his dad get matching Jesus tattoos

A couple of months back Justin Bieber showed off a new tattoo on his ribcage while on holiday in Hawaii with his girlfriend Selena Gomez.
How did a 17-year-old kid manage to get a tattoo? It's all good, the Beeb's dad Jeremy Bieber signed the permission forms and held his hand at the tattoo parlour… in fact, it turns out the duo got matching father-and-son tatts!
These pics of Justin and his dad were just published on fan site So this is how the Biebers bond!

15 Cool and Unusual Chess Sets

Collection of the most creative and unusual chess sets from all over the world.

Britain’s apples harvest takes place earlier than ever recorded

Fruit growers are enjoying the earliest apple harvest ever recorded in Britain – thanks to the combination of a freezing winter and scorching hot spring.

10 Scientists Killed or Injured by Their Experiments

Man owes a great debt to the scientists on this list; all of them died or were injured in their pursuit of knowledge. The advances they have all made to science are extraordinary and many of them paved the way for some of man’s greatest discoveries and inventions.

10.) Karl Scheele Died from tasting his discoveries

Scheele was a brilliant pharmaceutical chemist who discovered many chemical elements - the most notable of which were oxygen (though Joseph Priestley published his findings first), molybdenum, tungsten, manganese, and chlorine. He also discovered a process very similar to pasteurization. Scheele had the habit of taste testing his discoveries and, fortunately, managed to survive his taste-test of hydrogen cyanide. But alas, his luck was to run out: he died of symptoms strongly resembling mercury poisoning.

Hollywood Tattoo Celebrities

Hollywood beauties love to do tattoos on his body. Let's see what they like to portray and interpret it as!
Hollywood beauties love to do tattoos on his body. Let's see what they like to portray and interpret it as! 16 Tattoo celebrity after the break...

Creative Art of Books

 Creative Art of Books, 28 more images after the break...

Super Mario Bros Street Art

Super Mario Bros. is a 1985 platform video game developed by Nintendo, published for the Nintendo Entertainment System as a sequel to the 1983 game Mario Bros. In Super Mario Bros., the player controls Mario (and in a two-player game, a second player acts as Mario’s brother Luigi) as he travels through the Mushroom Kingdom in order to rescue Princess Toadstool from the antagonist Bowser. For over two decades, Super Mario Bros. was the best-selling video game of all time (before being outsold by Nintendo’s own Wii Sports in 2009), and has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. It was largely responsible for the initial success of the Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as ending the two-year slump of console game sales in the United States after the video game crash of 1983. As one of Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka’s most influential early successes, it has inspired many clones, sequels, and spin-offs. The game’s theme music by Koji Kondo is recognized worldwide, even by those who have not played the game, and has been considered a representation for video game music in general. The success of Super Mario Bros. has caused it to be ported to almost every one of Nintendo’s major gaming consoles. In late 2010, as part of the 25th anniversary of the game’s release, Nintendo released special red variants of the Wii and Nintendo DSi XL consoles in differently re-packaged, Mario-themed, and limited edition bundles in all regions.

100-Year-Old Crowned Ms. Alabama Nursing Home

Felma Schrimshire, 100, was named the winner of the 2011 Ms. Alabama Nursing Home pageant, out of 75 grey-haired contestants from across the state.
They may have more grey-hair than your average pageant participants, but the ladies who competed in the Ms. Alabama Nursing Home contest proved they have just as much style and grace. The top ten finalists gathered at the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, for the last stage of the competition. Here, the judges and an enthusiastic crowd evaluated the senior beauty queens on their outlook on life, as well as poise and personality. After a 15-minute interview in front of a panel of judges, contestants were asked to answer a surprise question. In case you were wondering, this particular pageant didn’t include a swimsuit competition.
100-year-old Felma Scrimshire won the judges’ votes with her incredible life story. She has traveled to every one of 50 of the US states, seen the Canadian provinces and much of Europe, served in the army for a year, during World War 2, and retired from a civil service job in 1976. A resident of the Andalusia Manor nursing home, Felma will serve as spokesman for nursing home residents throughout Alabama.

Iowa Welder Hopes to Break Record for World’s Largest Bicycle

Lewis, a small town in Iowa, US, may soon be acknowledged as home to the world’s largest bicycle. A local welder took the task of building a giant bike after hearing the annual Great Bike Ride across Iowa was passing through his town.
Duane Weirich is either one of the biggest cycling fans on the planet or a simply a welder with too much free time on his hands. After learning the Great Bike Ride across Iowa was going to pass through his home town, he decided to honor the even by making a giant bicycle. Although he’s not exactly sure if it qualifies for a new world record, his 32-feet-long, 18-feet-high bike has so far attracted the attention of Ripley’s Believe It or Not.
Even though the verdict on whether this is the world’s largest bicycle isn’t out yet, cyclists engaged in the cross state bike race haven’t missed the opportunity to have their picture taken with Weirich’s creation. Pleased with the public’s reaction to his efforts, the welder said he plans to complete the bike by actually making it rideable. You’re going to need some longer legs, though.

Chinese Couple Sell Their Three Kids to Play Online Games

A young couple, from Dongguan, China, have reportedly sold all their three children for money needed to keep playing online games at Internet cafés.
According to Chinese newspaper Sangxiang City News, Li Lin and Li Juan, both under 21, first met back in 2007, in an Internet café. It was their obsession with online gaming that fueled their relationship, and a year later, the two welcomed their first baby. Actually, “welcomed” is a bit of an overstatement considering that just days after they brought him home, the couple left him alone and went to play video games at an Internet café 30 km away.
In 2009, the irresponsible couple had another child, a baby girl, whom they decided to sell in order to fund their online gaming obsession. They managed to get RMB 3,000 ($500) for her, which they spent in a matter of days. Having run out of cash they proceeded to sell their first born as well, this time for ten times as much, RMB 30,000 ($4,600). At this point they probably decided having kids could be pretty profitable so they had a third baby, a boy, that got them another RMB 30,000 ($4,600). They would have probably continued like this for years, if the boy’s mother hadn’t learned of their deeds and alerted the authorities.

Designer Creates World’s First Bulletproof Kimono

Designer Miya Ando chose to celebrate her Japanese origins by creating a long-sleeve kimono entirely from stainless steel plates and sterling silver rings.
While it hasn’t been tested yet, considering the materials used to create it, Miya Ando’s furisode style kimono might just be the world’s first bulletproof kimono. Well known for her mastery of steel, the young half-Japanese artist has hand-soldered 4,000 sterling silver rings and stainless steel plates, and used them to create this unusual version of the traditional Japanese garment.
While it could prove a valuable piece of armor, I doubt Miya’s steel furisode kimono is as comfortable as the real thing. Women probably couldn’t even move in that thing, let alone wield a samurai sword, as well. Luckily, it’s just for the sake of art.

10 Reasons Why Google+ is Better than Facebook

Google+ is great social Network. Who among us here could live a day without checking the recent status of our online friends from various social networking panels? To those who are not really socially inclined, they would just ignore this fact. Yet to those who are active in keeping their status fresh, would definitely love the following freshest and juiciest updates and news among the circle of friends that we have on our end. Definitely, you would love to know the latest competitor in the social networking race and Google, being called Google+, is now preparing things. However, what are the 10 reasons to be hooked on it? Check this out.

10. Google is the Top Search Engine Company

Everyone is aware of how much Google has invaded online businesses and they even merged up with other online companies just to widen their connection and productivity. This is the toughest part that competitors have to face because longevity wise, it could beat them by experience and the ability to stand alone without contacting third party groups may be more of a posing challenge. They have a real time system, which is the best part to beat down Facebook.

Top 10 Strangest Flying Animals In The World

Plenty of animals fly; this is no surprise to anyone who actually comes from earth. However, there are plenty of "flying" animals that are really gliding versions of other animals. You don't expect your average rodent to come drifting from the skies, let alone some of the other creatures in this list.

No, we typically think of flies (it's right there in the name), birds and maybe bats when we think of flying animals. Even then, quite a few of them creep us out. Get ready to feel unsettled every time you are in an open field from now on.

10. Flying Squirrels

Okay, as flying animals go, flying squirrels are almost mundane; at least most of us have heard of them, although the closest we have come to seeing one was when one hung out with a stupid cartoon moose. The real animal is pretty strange; it looks like someone ironed out a hamster and made it jump from trees. Flying squirrels are the world record holders for "flying" animals, which is to say, of all the gliding animals that are called fliers, they go the farthest, reaching a stunning 288 feet in a single jump! The only humans to go that far after a jump unfortunately fell 30 stories and had to have the evening news tell of their "accomplishment."


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