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10 Highest Remittance-Receiving Countries

Migrant remittances provide a lifeline to the poor in many countries. Migration and remittances will continue to increase with globalization. The policy agenda on remittances and that on migration overlap a great deal, but the overlap is not complete. Remittances provide the most tangible and least controversial link between migration and development. They can play an effective role in reducing poverty, and they provide a convenient angle for approaching the complex migration agenda.
An important part of the World Bank's work on migration and remittances involves efforts to monitor and forecast remittance and migration flows, below are the top 10 countries with the highest remittances last year that the world bank recorded.

No. 1. India - $55.0 Billion Dollars

2. China - $51.0 Billion Dollars

3. Mexico - $22.6 Billion Dollars

4. Philippines - 21.3 Billion Dollars

5. France - $15.9 Billion Dollars

6. Germany - $11.6 Billion Dollars

7. Bangladesh - $11.1 Billion Dollars

8. Belgium - $10.4 Billion Dollars

9. Spain - $10.2 Billion Dollars

10. Nigeria - $10.0 Billion Dollars


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