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10 Reasons Why Google+ is Better than Facebook

Google+ is great social Network. Who among us here could live a day without checking the recent status of our online friends from various social networking panels? To those who are not really socially inclined, they would just ignore this fact. Yet to those who are active in keeping their status fresh, would definitely love the following freshest and juiciest updates and news among the circle of friends that we have on our end. Definitely, you would love to know the latest competitor in the social networking race and Google, being called Google+, is now preparing things. However, what are the 10 reasons to be hooked on it? Check this out.

10. Google is the Top Search Engine Company

Everyone is aware of how much Google has invaded online businesses and they even merged up with other online companies just to widen their connection and productivity. This is the toughest part that competitors have to face because longevity wise, it could beat them by experience and the ability to stand alone without contacting third party groups may be more of a posing challenge. They have a real time system, which is the best part to beat down Facebook.

9. Proper Management of Data

One of the setbacks of Facebook is how personal data is being shown on "public" especially with those who are not really techie enough to know how to navigate and understand how each feature of many social networking services work. Everyone who joins most of the social networking sites online is doing it for fun and curiosity especially since it's of the crazes these days.

8. Better Business Production

Google understands that there are employees who are taking their time off to drop and say hi to their social network friends during office hours. Google+ brings one way of maintaining professionalism and at the same time keeping you at work since it has word processing, calendars, application market, and this is a good way to keep your pacing focus on the business yet socializing professionally speaking.

7. High Quality Photos

This is one of the best features of some social networking sites aside from video uploading. Unfortunately, there are major setbacks on the resolution of the pictures and the time of uploading each picture especially if you are uploading more than 50 images where you have to wait lazily to complete the process. Google+ has ways of handling photos that can be viewed in different sizes and angles.

6. Personalized Layout

Everyone is aware that before Facebook heated up the platform as the number one social networking site, Friendster had it share of personalizing the profile layout of your account. Hold on, because you could have backgrounds that are more interesting and organizing your lay out, even giving your own shades of color and add themes to your preference.

5. Photo Tagging

Confidentiality is an important aspect that Google+ has studied and researched and it's one of the differences of the photo-tagging feature that Facebook has at the moment. The funniest way of saving yourself from any mess but sharing it with people you want can be kept as privately as possible.

4. Mobile Application

Along with the biggest changes that would transpire and happen in our time is the highest number of people that opt to have their socializing done conveniently using their mobile phones than bringing their whole house of gadgets. It is directly linked to the site and offers better features that users can comfortably use.

3. Privacy Protected

Everyone is aware of cyber bullying, scam, viruses, and worst, cyber crime. Hacking is the primary issue that people are scared at being too cozy on the net because it would endanger not just their personal lives but their loved one as well. This is the unique feature of Google+, which would automatically notify the profile user using alerts, warnings, especially if you are being added on other circles. You'll have the control not to share posts, pictures, links, and videos.

2. Group Video Chat

With Facebook just introduced the video chat feature being powered by Skype, Google has toppled the competition again because of the group video chat as seen on the Hangouts section of the Google+ social networking site. Yes, you can actually see and speak with others, without being too concerned on the quality since processor speeds and video quality are boosted on a higher level. Imagine speaking with more than five online friends on cam, at the same time! Skype may barely settle on this, and Facebook has not even begun yet.

1. The Attractive Circle of Friends

This is the very reason why social networking sites are roaming around online and has invaded most of the young people today but adults won't be defeated with the updates. In fact, Google+ has offered the latest way of keeping the company of friends that you would like to include on your list of friends and this is called "Circle". This is the best way of organizing the number of people that you have added on your end and grouping them according to their label and relationships with you.


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