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12 Unusual and Creative Hoodies

Collection of unusual hoodies and creative hooded sweatshirt designs from all over the world.

Storm Trooper Hoodie

The Real Trooper hoodie from Marc Ecko features “Storm Trooper” body and the hood that looks like a mask. 

Speakers Hoodie

Tim Dubitsky has designed “hood.e” - creative solution to bringing music to your ears without blocking everything else out. 

Monster Hoodies

Clever handmade hoodies that will turn you into a cute monster. 

Pac-Man Hoodie

Creative hoodie design with Pac-Man maze pattern that goes all the way around the sweatshirt. 

Teriyaki Boyz Shark Hoodies

Unusual shark hoodies designed by BAPE for Teriyaki Boyz.

Spider Man Hoodie

Skeleton Hoodie

Unusual hoodie design that will scare everyone around you. 

iPod Hoodie

Give your Apple iPod some style and a bit of attitude. 

Ninja Hoodies

Stylish and unique hoodie designs that will hide your identity. 

Batman Hoodie

Full blown image of Batman screen printed on a black hoodie.

Strapped Hoodie

This creative urban hoodie features cool gun holster design. 

Polar Bear Hoodie

Limited edition women’s polar bear hoodie by Rocket World. 


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