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15 Cool and Unusual Pillows

This post showcases unusual pillows and the most creative pillow designs.

Body Pillow

Comfort-U pillow comes with two long legs for maximum comfort. 

Camera Lens Pillow

You won’t lose a pillow fight with Canon 24-105mm f/4 L pillow.

Boombox and Guitar Pillows

Let your kids rest on pillows designed to inspire musical dreams. 

Ostrich Pillow

Creative power nap pillow designed by Kawamura Ganjavian. 

Building Pillow

These pillows allow you to recreate a Brooklyn street in your home. 

Facebook Pillow

Money Pillow

Creative pillow looks like a stack of folded US dollar banknotes. 

Puzzle Pillow

These cool pillows were inspired by the jigsaw puzzle pieces. 

iPhone Pillow

Unique pillow comes with a hidden pocket for the real iPhone. 

Mustard Pillow

It comes with a mustard “spill” that is flat and used for decoration. 

Giant Pillow

The zipped cover is removable and can be machine washed. 

Girlfriend Pillow

World’s most unusual pillow: Hizamakura lap pillow from Japan. 

Boyfriend Pillow

Pillow with removable microfiber shirt provides firm sleeping support. 

Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow

Creative pillow designed for people who dream about ice cream. 


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