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15 Examples of Creative Packaging

This post showcases the most unusual and creative packaging designs.

Peelable Bottles

Creative bottles with fruit inspired textures were made for the launch of new flavors of Smirnoff Caipiroska. 

Nobilin Pills Packaging

Clever packaging shows how the product works: every pill targets heavy food in your stomach.

Kleenex Packaging

Perfect Slice of Summer tissue boxes designed by Hiroko Sanders. 

Blood Bag Energy Drink

Fruit punch energy drink comes in a transfusion-style blood bag. 

Yarn Packaging

Creative packaging designed to promote Rellana Hair range of yarn.

Laundry Detergent Box

Washing machine inspired laundry detergent packaging from South Korea.

BREAK FAST Packaging

Creative taste pack contains oatmeal with added sugar and salt. 

Butter Packaging

Creative packaging by Yeongkeun Jeong comes with a butter knife.

Cookie Packaging

Skinny Jeans Packaging

Memorable packaging designed to promote Lee skinny jeans. 

Milk Packaging

Teet Milk designed by Ashley Linnenbank will get noticed in store. 

Spaghetti Packaging

Brilliant packaging with six compartment was designed by Neal Fletcher to help you cook the perfect amount of spaghetti. 

Rubber Band Packaging

Unique box designed by Ric Bixter looks like it is being squeezed. 

Salami CD Packaging

CD designed by Mother Eleganza for Lithuanian musician SHIDLAS looks like it came from a meat shop. 

Shoelace Box

Creative shoebox designed for Görtz 17’s Converse Collection. 


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