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34-year-old Brit mum wakes up aged 15

London, July 29 (ANI): A mother-of-one living in England woke up thinking she was just 15 years old after being struck by a rare form of amnesia.

Naomi Jacobs, 34, woke up in 2008 but believed she was just about to sit her GCSE exams in the summer of 1992.
She was horrified to learn she was living in the 21st century, and was even mother to an 11-year-old boy she did not recognize, reports the Telegraph.
Doctors revealed that Naomi had been under so much stress that part of her brain had simply closed down, erasing many memories of her life.
She was left baffled by the Internet, and flummoxed by her mobile phone as she struggled to get to grips with modern life.
Today, three years after waking up in the future, Naomi has finally regained most of her memory, and has written a book about her experiences.
She said: "I fell asleep in 1992 as a bold, brassy, very confident know-it-all 15-year-old, and woke up a 32-year-old single mum living in a council house.
"The last thing I remember was falling asleep in my lower bunk bed, dreaming about a boy in my class.
"When I woke up, I looked in the mirror and had the fright of my life when I saw an old woman with wrinkles staring back at me.
"Then this little boy appeared and started calling me mum. That's when I started to scream.
"I didn't know who he was. I didn't think he was much younger than I was, and I certainly didn't remember giving birth to him," she added. (ANI)
Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood set to host his own TV music show|Entertainment[Hollywood{London, July 29 (ANI): 'The Rolling Stones' star Ronnie Wood has bagged his own television music show, following the success of his award-winning radio slot.
Ronnie, 64, will play music and invite pals on for performances and interviews on Sky Arts.
Sky bosses were impressed by the hellraiser picking up Music Personality Of The Year at the 2011 Sony Awards.
"I've had so much fun doing my radio show and had lots of success with recent awards", the Sun quoted Absolute Radio DJ Ronnie as saying.
"It's now going to TV to give the audience the chance to see behind the scenes," he added. (ANI)


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