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DJ spends 24 hours on a log flume

British DJ Dave Tanner today broke the world-record for riding a Log Flume – for more than 24 HOURS.

Adrenaline junkie Dave, 27, nicknamed ‘Dangerous Dave’, rode the ride for 24 hours 14 minutes and 54 seconds.
He smashed the previous record for the longest time spent on a theme park ride set in 2004 by American Blaine Martin who sat on a ferris wheel for 24 hours and nine minutes.

Dave, from Nottingham, completed a stomach-churning 1,000 circuits of the Dragons Fall ride at the Twinlakes Theme Park, Melton Mowbray, Leics., to set the new record.
Today he said: ”I’m absolutely delighted to break the record.
”The hardest point was about 3am when I almost dozed off only to wake up when I got drenched in water.
”I’ll be having nightmares about log flumes for a while.”

Dave was passed food and snacks by a support team of 50 people during his challenge and was allowed a five minute toilet break every two hours.


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