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English town hit by twister

Britain’s barmy weather took a quick turn for the worse today – when this mini TWISTER appeared over a posh regency town.

The 100ft tornado-like cloud was seen racing through the sky above Leamington Spa, Warks., just after 2pm.
Crowds of onlookers watched as the vortex hovered over the town, breaking away from dense storm clouds.
Web designer Carl Spencer, 25, snapped the twister on his iPhone from his office in the town.
He said: ”It was amazing, I have never seen anything like it in Leamington Spa.
”I was caught in a twister in Namibia three years ago, which was unreal but I never expected to see one in my own home town.
”I was sitting at my desk just after lunch when my colleague shouted across the office that there was a tornado.
”I didn’t believe him at first, however, when I looked out the window I could see this black twister spinning in the sky.
”It seemed to be shooting out of large grey cloud – it really dominated the skyline.
”It must have been at least 100ft from top to bottom. It was getting bigger and bigger.”
After drifting over the town the twister was spotted over fields near the M42.
The twister was likely to be a funnel cloud – condensed water droplets extending from the base of a cumulus or cumulonimbus cloud.


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