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Fat cat Cilla Black loses half of her body weight

It’s Cilla Black — and she’s lost a lorra lorra weight.
Black cat Cilla used to tip the scales at a whopping 9.5kg but has lost more than half her bodyweight and is now a svelte 4.5kg.

The 11-year-old moggie-mountain ballooned thanks to her former elderly owner, who allowed her to gorge on roast chicken, steak, scones and cakes.
But when he couldn’t care for her any more, new owner Liz Black – hence Cilla’s surname – took her on, and the fat feline is now a shadow of her former self.
Liz, 47, who lives in Glasgow city centre, said her pet nearly had to be put down in 2007 because her owner could not look after her any more and no one would take on the obese feline.
Today she said: ”Her previous owner was an elderly gentleman who doted on his cat but had serious health problems.
”He tried to get her to diet but it became too much for him so he had to give her up for someone else to look after but the animal charities couldn’t rehome her because of her size.

”Luckily, I got a call and I love cats so I could not turn her away although I would never have named her Cilla having a surname like Black.”
When Cilla first came to live with Liz four years ago she was so big she couldn’t groom herself or move around like normal cats.
Since then Cilla has been given a new lease of life, thanks to a healthy calorie-controlled diet of chicken, turkey and ground maize.
But Liz said she watches her constantly to make sure she doesn’t slip back into her gluttonous ways.
She said: ”She’s a bit of a scavenger and if I leave any food out I have to be careful otherwise she will eat it.
”Mince and fish are her favourite and if we ever have a fish supper we have to give her a try otherwise she’d never shut up. We love her to bits. She’s definitely one of a kind.”
Leeann Jamieson, head veterinary nurse at Alba Vets in Dennistoun, where Cilla has been a regular patient over the years, said the cat was clinically obese at the start of her diet and had she stayed at that weight would not have survived.
She said: ”Clinical obesity is very detrimental to health and it can take about five years off a cats life.
”Some owners find it very difficult to make their pets stick to a diet because it can be very hard emotionally when the animal looks at you with sad eyes or is constantly hungry. But it’s worth it in the end.
”If you love your pet and you want to spend time with them, then get the weight off because they will live longer and happier lives.”


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