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Renaissance Portraits of Modern Day Celebrities

Have you ever think of how would celebs look like in Renaissance? Such interesting idea came to minds of photographers and designers and they created special gallery with different Celebrities in renaissance art pictures. So, this photoset will show you celebrities painted as renaissance man and women from 14th- 17th century.

Emma Watson

Demi Moore

John Malkovich

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt

Gary Oldman

Arnold Schwarzenegger

George Clooney

Michael Douglas

Bruce Willis

Dustin Hoffman

Christian Bale

Jeff Fahey

Nicolas Cage

Danny DeVito

Johnny Depp

Hugh Laurie


Natalie Portman

Robert De Niro

Julia Roberts

Orlando Bloom

Sharon Stone

Sean Connery

Sylvester Stallone

Anthony Hopkins

Penelope Cruz

Elizaber Taylor


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