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Unique and Creative Business Cards

Creative business cards designed by talented people from all over the world.

Map Business Card

Unusual business card designed for Wanderlust folds into a miniature map.

Camera Business Card

This card belongs to Dubai based photographer Tyrone Menezes. 

Credit Counselling Society Business Card

Unique business card designed for a non-profit service in Vancouver. 

Broke Bike Alley Business Card

Useful business card fits in your wallet and lets you adjust bolts and spokes on your bicycle. 

Chair Business Card

Cool business card designed for Tok&Stok transforms into a chair. 

Annalisa Vargiu Business Card

Bandage shaped business card designed for a professional nurse. 

Clapperboard Business Card

Memorable business card designed by Ralev.com for Feelme Crew. 

Stitched Business Card

Creative business card designed by Alex Krasny for Stitched band. 

Laptop Business Card

Modern business cards designed by Web Design Harlow studio. 

Tennis Ball Business Card

Unique business card designed by Ralev for Akademik Tennis Club. 

Financial Adviser Business Card

Creative business card designed for investment adviser Franco Caligiuri.

Circuit Board Business Card

Innovative business card can be turned into decision maker device. When you press the button, the chip generates Yes or No answers. 

Dario Monetini Business Cards

Transparent business cards with different objects that you can align with faces of your friends and take fun photographs. 

Football Business Card

Creative football field inspired business card designed for BZI Sports.


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