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10 Biggest Celebrity Houses

Your home is your own space, and you can practically do anything you want there. Of course, for the celebrities, there will be nothing grander than to give their home a definition of extravagance than to make it the biggest in Hollywood. From all walks of life, there are definitely those that started small yet now own some of the most amazing houses in the world. Comfort is no longer an issue, and it all comes down to how large they want their abode to be. Listed below are the top ten most notable biggest celebrity houses in the world.

10. Brad Pitt

There is no truer celebrity than Brad Pitt, and one would assume that an actor like his stature would have a home that speaks of his influence. Pitt designed his own home in Louisiana, and though his home was damaged by Hurricane Katrina, it boasted of a large private courtyard and a separate guesthouse that was two stories tall.

9. William Zysblat

Being a producer for top bands like U2 and the Rolling Stone, he has established himself to be one of those in the top with great and amazing houses. Valued at $6.7 million, it comes with the best ocean front views and heated pools. Moreover, it has these sets of tennis and bocce courts that are perfect for the sports loving people.

8. Tony Hawk

Sports athletes can also boast of a house that speaks of millions of dollars, and Tony Hawk is one that has this. Behind the 5,000 square foot house is the 4,000 square feet skate park. The park comes with the railing features, the center pyramid, and the ledges for the benches, a complete set for a skateboarding legend. As a sports addict, it only goes to say that a basketball court and a swimming pool must be part of the estate.

7. John Travolta

There is nothing more extravagant to the home than to have your own airfield, and the 70s star, John Travolta, would boast of having one. The actual airstrip outside his home measures to 1.4 miles, which ensures that even the Boeing 707 can land there. With a six-bedroom house and a 6,500-garage facility, it is seen as modern and contemporary at the same time. After all, it could be rare for a person to own a house with a runway.

6. Joel Horowitz

When it comes to celebrities, it is not just limited to the TV and movie personalities alone. There are even the magnates that will come out at the top of the list of biggest houses, and Joel Horowitz, part founder of Tommy Hilfiger, owns one near Lake Tahoe in Las Vegas. Spawning around 20,000 square feet for the house itself, it comes with the indoor swimming pool, an atrium, and the 19 seat home theater. European influence is the main concept for the home, and it is valued for around $100 million.

5. Ryan Seacrest

With over ten years of proven experience in hosting one of America's most popular talent shows, it only goes to say you must have the house to go along with it. In fact, Ryan Seacrest owns this quaint yet rambling house on the hills of Hollywood that is called as Casa di Pace or the House of Peace. Measuring 10,000 square feet, it comes with five bedrooms, billiard rooms and a tennis court. Plus, it comes with a spa and a gym!

4. Jerry Seinfeld

One of the biggest names in TV in the 1990s, it only goes to say that Seinfeld just had to get the perfect house to support his name. Purchased from Billy Joel in 2000 for a record-breaking amount of $32 million, it comes with the waterfront manor appeal that is considered as majestic. Measuring to 14 acres of landscape, the actual house is spread to three buildings with 24 rooms, 8 fully furnished baths, and 5 semi-furnished ones.

3. Madonna

Some celebrities wanted new houses and grander designs. However, if you want a classic and elegant home, it would be that house that will have stood for centuries. Ashcombe is Madonna's pride and glory in England, and the last owner was Cecil Beaton, a well-renowned photographer. Privacy is the best description for the mansion that sits on the grounds of the lush landscapes and green valleys.

2. George Clooney

When you think of sexy, it means George Clooney. Situated in Italy, this villa, called Villa Oleandra, is considerably large for a bachelor. However, as a single man with nothing to spend his money on, he is certainly more than capable of having this villa installed with an outdoor theater, swimming pool, and a huge garage where Clooney can park all his favorite cars and motorcycles in.

1. Oprah Winfrey

Considered as one of the most influential women in the world, it would seem perfect that she must also have the perfect house and domain. Located in Santa Barbara in California, Oprah's house spans 23,000 square feet and includes six bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and an entertainment home theater. If there is one thing that will make her house stand apart to be unique, it is the fact she had a manmade lake built on it. In addition, it is considered as one of the most eco-friendliest house in the region.


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