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10 Greatest Tennis Players in 2011

Most other popular sports in the world will be a team effort, and tennis will be one of those games that will give the highlights of the match to the players themselves alone. Every year, the rankings each tennis player will be based on the number of matches they have won, whether it will be a Grand Slam event. However, it will be their career earnings and advertising profits that establishes them as some of the most known tennis players in the world.
Here is the list of the top ten highest paid tennis players currently for 2011. They are James Blake, Ana Ivanovis, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Venus Williams, Serena Villiams, Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova, and Roger Federer.

10. James Blake

Although a far cry when it comes to the tennis rankings, this avid tennis player started his career on the tennis court way back when he was five years old, he reached the highest ranking of his career way back in 2006 as World Number 4, which is more than a fulfillment to many already. With annual earnings of around $7 million worth of career prizes, and modeling contracts, he just notches the tip of the list at number 10.

9. Ana Ivanovic

She made her first appearance on the courts in the Luxembourg qualifier, as one of the roses among the thorns. Annual earnings would reach around $8 million and will the career prizes of approximately $7 million; she enters as one of the tennis players to watch in the next few years. Plus, with sponsors of Adidas and Rolex, she would certainly be on the top ten.

8. Novak Djokovic

Fast and rising stars in the world of tennis always starts at the bottom, and with his current ranking as the ATP Tour World Number 1, he assumes his roles to complete popularity as one of the best tennis players of the modern era. Making his pro debut on the ATP circuit when he was 16 years old in 2003, he certainly made it big as his annual earnings measures at $10.5 million and prizes from various tournaments at $12.9 million.

7. Andy Murray

His sports mindedness brought him to the ATP tour, and while he was offered to play with the Glasgow Rangers, he opted to stick to tennis, and has from thereon achieved sports greatness by being classified to the highest ranking of his career at No.2 and currently on the 4th spot. With several Grand Slam tours he completed, his earning accounts to around $12 million and with the career highs of $8.5 million.

6. Venus Williams

Over 15 years of competitive tours across the world may define the sports legend of the Williams sisters, and Venus is one half of that pair. Making her professional debut on the WTA circuit in 1994, she has certainly come a long way from the shadow of her sister, Serena. Her earnings measures to $14.5 million and with the career prizes of $23.9 million, it is no wonder she would be on the top ten lists on the highest paid tennis players.

5. Serena Williams

She may be one year younger than her sister, Venus, but Serena certainly made her own mark on the WTA circuit as one of the women who had won Grand Slam titles eleven times. Of course, her career prize winnings will measure to an astounding $26 million and annual income and earnings at $18 million; she would be part of the most popular tandem of the Williams sisters.

4. Andy Roddick

Considered as one of the more popular tennis players of the decade because of his charming personality and sexy persona that women love, he matches this admiration by being a good player on the court. He even graces the tennis court with his fancy and gymnastic gameplay. Over $16 million will be measured for his annual earnings and prize winnings of $16.8 and more, he is certainly one that stays to be one of the best players to be remembered.

3. Rafael Nadal

While being always being compared to his rival roger Federer for the past six years; he certainly made his mark as one of the best by being a top competitor. Surely, he never gave the game away to Federer, and he was always thought to be second best, but not anymore, after clinching the number 1 spot from Federer. Thus, he established himself as a great player for the sports and accounts for Grand Slam titles of six and over earnings of $20 million.

2. Maria Sharapova

While men look at her sexiness, her demeanor is nothing but sweet and sensible, and while she makes her own status on the market as an image model for Nike and Land Rover, her Grand Slam titles speaks for how much of an athlete she is. Over $22.5 million in her earnings and $12.6 on the career prizes, she would be one name that will be looked out for until several years from now.

1. Roger Federer

There seems to be nothing more genuine than a player who has since established himself to be the greatest tennis player of all time. While his credibility certainly drives Nike, Credit Suisse, and Gillette to acquire his profile for their products, it will be the 15 Grand Slam Titles he has won that puts him on the top of the greatest players of all time and with the highest earnings of over $50 million in career prize money alone.


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