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14 Cool and Unusual Mirrors

This post showcases unique mirrors and the most creative mirror designs.

Knife Mirror

Cleaver mirror will scare the hell out of others and allow you to make sure you are looking your best. 

Ladder Mirror

Space saving mirror for small apartments also functions as a ladder. 

Clock Mirror

My Time mirror is both practical in function and pleasing on the eye. 

Puzzle Mirror

Jigsaw puzzle mirror designed by Italian artist Emiliano Brinci. 

Wiper Mirror

Comes with a windshield wiper that quickly cleans fog and moisture. 

Credit Card Mirror

Portable mirror that you can conveniently carry inside your wallet. 

Water Mirror

Creative mirror designed by Hideto Hyoudou and Rikako Nagashima. 

Lamp Mirror

Stylish lamp that also acts as a mirror was designed by Ruggiu. 

Interactive Mirror

Through the looking glass mirror allows children to listen to fairytales and interact with the story. They become the main character and begin to see themselves surrounded by the elements of the story.  

Vase Mirror

Circuit Board Mirror

Ironing Board Mirror

Cool mirror designed by Aïssa Logerot doubles as an ironing board. 

Tennis Racket Mirror

Creative mirrors made by Velvet Ribbon from vintage tennis rackets. 

Shower Mirror

Reflect mirror transforms the shower into a perfect place to shave. 


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