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15 Unusual Cutting Boards

The most creative and unusual cutting board designs from all over the world.

VW Bus Cutting Board

Unique cutting board inspired by Volkswagen’s famous camper van.

Chop-n-Scoop Board

Innovative cutting board makes it easy to transfer chopped food.

OCD Cutting Board

Cutting board for the OCD Chef spells out precise measurements. 

Cut & Paste Cutting Board

Stylish cutting board made of wood comes with porcelain container. 

MacBook Cutting Board

Unusual cutting board designed to look like a MacBook Pro. 

Glass Cutting Board

Elegant cutting board made of glass will look great in any kitchen. 

Cheese Board

Slice of Swiss board designed for cutting and serving cheese.

Pac-Man Cutting Board

Awesome cutting board inspired by the Pac-Man arcade games.

Cleaver Cutting Board

Chop Chop cutting board comes with 5” chef’s knife built right in. 

Domino Cutting Board

Cloud Cutting Board

Ruler Cutting Board

It will help you cut, chop, and slice food with ease and precision. 

Transfer Cutting Board

Cutout allows you to insert a plate and slide chopped food onto it. 

iPad Cutting Board

Cutting board with clever design created for Apple iPad users. 

Puzzle Cutting Board

Each of the six puzzle pieces can be used as a food serving tray. 


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