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18 Unique and Creative Dressers

This post showcases creative and unusual dressers from all over the world.

Accordion Dresser

Unusual dresser inspired by the accordion musical instrument. 

Hand Grenade Dressers

Grenade and hand shaped dressers created by Los Carpinteros. 

Training Dresser

Educational dresser with informative drawers shaped like clothing. 

Integrated Dresser

Modern staircase equipped with integrated drawers for your clothes. 

Whimsical Dressers

Unique storage cabinets designed to look like whimsical characters. 

Suspended Dresser

Marionette inspired dresser hangs suspended from the ceiling. 

Cracked Dresser

Wavy Dresser

Beaver Dresser

Exploded Dresser

Dresser with wall-mounted drawers that create explosive illusion. 

Carrot Dresser

Leaning Dressers

Series of relaxed dressers that look to be leaning on one another. 

Staircase Dresser

Modern storage unit combines drawers with pullout stair system. 

Melting Dresser

Creative wooden dresser was designed to look like it is melting. 

Firewood Dresser

Unique dresser made by Mark Moskovitz looks like a stack of wood. 

Little Black Dresser

Beautiful and elegant dresser shaped like a little black dress.


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